The opinion on Oviedo and Sporting: The times, the “fugao” and the squid

This football thing is so curious that the two greats of the Madreñina are waiting for the times of Mexico to know “what about mine”. Globalization in its purest form. In Oviedo they have long been accustomed to the different time zone and jet lag. In Gijón, if in the end there is a sale, they will have to acclimatize to the time difference, management and criteria. Until now, in the red and white villa, the master’s clock marked the same hours as that of the long-suffering Mareona.

At most, at most, the delay occurred when a conference had to be put on to Marbella via Seville or vice versa, that was never completely clear. In the capital of the rojiblanco world there are already giving them Fernandism as amortized, who continues to meditate surrounded by his own and with his mobile in airplane mode, when it looks like a horny summer is coming, as Luis Enrique would say.

Meanwhile, 28 kilometers away, the “fugao” Cuco Ziganda appears with the new Huesca coach, assuring that in the “fúrgol” there are people who are inside the business who are guided by “the environment and extra-sports things”.

Those who know about this believe that it is an encrypted message about what he experienced in the stage he left behind. Who knows. For the rest, in the blue house, and at the time of writing these lines, they are still waiting to make the signing of Bolo official, who on his last visit to the Tartiere in an official match did not end up very happy with what happened even inside Not even off the field. But you know, Rubén Reyes already said it, “this is soccer” and the hard drive is erased and restarted every so often, that the show must go on.

Although all this does not cease to be minutiae if you look up and look towards the almighty day Barça, which, for example, still owes Ajax a good part of the transfer of De Jong and about 50 kilos to captain Piqué. Tremendous. But nothing happens. So another one of cider and calamari.



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