The opinion about Oviedo: Klopp’s blue glasses

The blue house is resolving pending issues with speed from Lamborghini and not from the Flintstones’ pedal car. Bolo is already the coach of Oviedo, who has closed the question of who their leaders were going to be in the offices and on the bench after the “escape” of Rubén Reyes and Cuco Ziganda.

“Happy and excited”, said the Basque coach when he was “hunted” by LA NUEVA ESPAÑA at the doors of the Tartiere offices in which were his first words as a blue coach behind those Klopp-style glasses so characteristic of the former striker of the Vallecano Ray.

Although Bolo is more risky in the colors than the German coach: now he will have to switch to a more Oviedo blue, more noble, loyal, meritorious, undefeated and heroic. The glasses of the new blue leader can become a house brand if things go relatively well. Bolo arrives, according to those who know about this, with meticulousness as a flag and an obsession with soccer that place him as one of the strongest promises of the coaches of the new wave.

Now the tweaks that Tito will have to give to the squad to fulfill the wishes of the Basque coach lie ahead. We will also have to be attentive to see how the fit of all the new gears that have arrived at Oviedo is going. But for that there is time: a long and torrid summer, oyisti?



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