The obscene gesture of a Warriors fan that shocks the internet!

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The parade of the Warriors never ceases to be talked about, even several days later. After the Klay Thompson incident, completely drunk, the marriage proposal for Riley Curry, it is a spectator who made the buzz on social networks with an attitude considered obscene by some.

In the world of American professional sports, a title is nothing without a great parade through town, with millions of fans taking to the streets to celebrate local heroes. And who says party says alcohol, both for the spectators and for the players. Klay Thompson forced his drinks a bit, for example, since he couldn’t stand up anymore and he ended up knock down a supporter while staggering.

If the atmosphere was exceptional among the champions, the inhabitants of the Bay of San Francisco were not left out with in particular the presence of a surprising beast that caused the bus to stop ! And on the way, the players could also come across a rather reckless climber. The daredevil had fun on a lamp post, and everyone still wonders how he could climb so high.

The obscene gesture of a Warriors fan during the parade.

Perched on his post, this Warriors supporter danced, then imitated what Steve Kerr’s men did to the Celtics in the last three meetings of the Finals. An attitude which greatly amused some spectators present, but which also shocked others who were a little more conservative. On social networks they made themselves heard quickly.

What is this mess ?? πŸ€£πŸ’€πŸ€£πŸ’€πŸ€£πŸ’€

He’s not a fan, he’s just a San Francisco junkie on a regular Monday

During the parade everything is allowed, or almost, and this supporter took the opportunity to put on a show. The dance no longer appealed to everyone, even if he probably didn’t think he was doing the wrong thing, but it does represent the euphoria that has gripped the city.



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