The Nice judoka Aleksa Mitrovic imperial in Bosnia… Can he dream of a destiny à la Teddy Riner?

The finest observers lose themselves in conjecture, while the others drown in superlatives… In any case, you have to go far back in the annals of judo to find traces of such a phenomenon. Perhaps we will even have to dig up the memory of this first title of junior world champion, won in Santo Domingo by the Guadeloupean Giant, a title that already sketched the legend Teddy Riner, to dare to draw a parallel…

In Bosnia-Herzegovina, Aleksa Mitrovic therefore once again made an impression. To put it simply, the resident of the Nice Judo Alliance, who had started in Levens, cut the competition to pieces, almost humiliated it. Winning – and it becomes quite a habit – all his fights by ippon. Something sick… “It should allow me to return, in the ranking, to the top 5 in the world, or even better, he confided just after recovering his medal (in less than 90kg). Beyond that, I’m happy with my judo. Technically, I feel more and more comfortable.”

The craziest thing in all of this is that the French champion still had his whole “crumbled” carcass before getting on the mat. The body decorated with straps of all kinds. But no doubt, on the other hand, to crack this incredible assurance. “I still have the loose knee, a fractured thumb, and the wrist that has gone up. But I grit my teeth and I do the job. Anyway, I have no choice…”

Especially since the business school student says he is still as convinced – without the slightest sign of arrogance – that his destiny will lead him directly to the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. Even if, before that, he must first to plan for the junior world championships, scheduled for mid-August in Ecuador. “I’ll go there to go for the gold. Nothing else. Otherwise, you might as well stay at home…”

In any case, here is an authentic tatami warrior, on whom we will obviously have to keep an eye…



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