The new Trieste Basketball is already by Marco Legovich

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Good signals from the press conference for the presentation of the new basketball coach of Trieste. The one who is preparing to be by far the youngest manager in Serie A (he has not yet turned 30) already has very clear ideas about the type of basketball he will want to propose, and consequently the type of players who are best suited to wear. tailor-made the suit that the coach made for them, just to use the metaphor proposed by Legovich himself. We can see the desire to introduce innovative solutions, unprecedented on the Trieste parquet after 12 years of continuity. The new coach likes fast basketball, intense especially in the first seconds of every defensive and offensive action, with a game in transition that is the result of this intensity. To do this, he has already drawn up a large list of players to look for on the market, a list naturally shared with Mario Ghiacci who must naturally filter it through the tight meshes of the budget and the will of athletes and, above all, of agents.

But we will start talking about the transfer market from tomorrow, once the technical staff has been made official, which will be completed closely with the two assistants. Of course, the contacts for any confirmations or attempts on new players to build the new “5 + 5” have already started for weeks, but at the moment the coach has officially only the three under contract: Luca Campogrande, Alessandro Lever and Lodovico Deangeli. Grazulis, in addition to ambitions, had economic claims out of reach for Trieste which therefore abandoned any ambition to keep him as well as Adrian Banks, despite the indisputable qualities of a natural leader and a class that for decades had not been admired in these parts, is a luxury that Legovich himself knows he cannot afford, especially for the defensive breaks necessary to allow him to “survive” 35 minutes per game but not suited to the ferocious intensity that will be demanded on the pitch. There are greater chances of seeing Corey Davis again on the Adriatic coast who, in addition to having convinced him in the parting of the season spent in Trieste, has never made any secret of appreciating a possible reconfirmation. Mystery, however, on the fate of Daniele Cavaliero, present in the press room together with Deangeli to celebrate his friend coach (who is seven years younger than him), but who wanted to divert attention from the inevitable questions about his future.

However, what appears strongly during an at times exciting press conference is the great satisfaction and pride with which the club brings a coach who had joined as third assistant six years ago to become, at home, the team’s head coach. in Serie A. It is the confirmation of what has already transpired for some time: Legovich’s promotion is by no means a choice dictated by stock market issues, given that the coaching staff for next season will cost more than it had cost in the past one. Instead, it is a programmatic choice, the result of a deep trust in the technical and human qualities of a great worker, of a guy who has never spared hours on the parquet even for individual work both with veterans and young promises and nights spent analyzing. video of the opponents on duty to identify their strengths and weaknesses. A strongly desired decision, therefore, perhaps bold but well thought out, which is also a dream come true for Legovich himself. Lego thanks the two coaches with whom he shared his growth path and from whom he learned most of the secrets of the trade, especially from the point of view of group management, in particular Eugenio Dalmasson, with whom he remained in contact and with who spent the longest period in an age of great formation. But who was expecting a boy intimidated by the limelight suddenly and relentlessly turned on him (the press room full and quivering with questions and curiosities, nor is it just the first taste), worried about an adventure yet to be discovered, was very wrong. : very aware and self-confident, focused on the new task and determined to bring it to completion although certainly not unconsciously, with already very clear ideas and the right nerve to defend them at the negotiating table, first of all with President Ghiacci.

A serene and relaxed atmosphere, therefore, a body language that conveys optimism despite the unknowns about budget coverage and the city’s response to the imminent launch of the season ticket campaign: in no uncertain terms the president recalls that a good portion of the theoretical budget put into the budget estimate derives precisely from ticketing, which prudentially does not foresee the levels of the first years of Serie A but which must not completely disappoint expectations if we want to continue to see top basketball in Trieste.

Not even the time to introduce himself and Lego is already leaving for the blue adventure: he was chosen, in fact, as assistant on the bench of the Under 20 National team which is preparing to compete in the European Championships. It is to be sworn that he will divide his time between the Azzurrini and the direct line with the Club, from which he separates precisely at the crucial moment for the market: but the experience in blue is something that cannot be renounced, another pearl in the short term. but brilliant resume of this son of halberd basketball.

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