The new shocking photo of Zion Williamson!

Zion Williamson heard the criticism for him during the season, and he obviously decided to ground them from the start. The New Orleans interior is already in brilliant form, judging by the latest photo of him . The league can shake!

Blocked in the infirmary during the entire 2021-22 campaign, Zion Williamson does not intend to repeat the experience from next October. As a result, the interior of the Pelicans is working hard on his return to the courts, sparing no effort in the weight room in particular. His recent physical transformation shocked fans, with the person showing up in what is most likely his life form:

Zion Williamson on top physically

Regularly singled out for his dubious lifestyle, the former Duke has been clearly overweight in recent months, the latter seems to have taken the criticism to heart. The New Orleans superstar has actually worked hard in training and it shows! Even more recently, he once again presented himself in a very imposing way on a basketball court in Louisiana, in the company of young fans. We really have the impression of seeing a wild beast:

So yes, it’s true that the young shoots surrounding the former draft No. 1 look absolutely skinny next to him, and maybe that’s because they are. Nevertheless, it is impossible not to notice a huge difference between his physical condition a few months ago and that of today. The big man seems to be made up of nothing but muscle and opposing defenders may be terrified of facing him next year.

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All this is obviously seen with a very good eye by its leaders in New Orleans, who can hope for great things with the Monstar back on the field. Despite his absence, the Pels were able to go to the playoffs this year, led in particular by rookie CJ McCollum and Brandon Ingram. At their side, the guy would have enough to form a rather impressive trio on the offensive level, combining power under the circle and quality of shooting. With that, the post-season would be practically guaranteed.

Zion Williamson looks better than ever, great news after months of doubts about his investment. We just have to pray that he doesn’t get injured again during the summer… If he stays healthy, it could lead to carnage.



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