The mind-blowing photo of Zion Williamson, physically transformed!

Without playing a single second this season with the Pelicans, Zion Williamson has been talked about a lot. This will still be the case this summer with his possible contract extension, but also his new shoe. The opportunity for the colossus to put himself forward in training, and to show a real physical change: the fans are conquered.

After reaching the first round of the playoffs, and despite a loss to the Suns, the Pelicans are rather smiling. It must be said that a few months earlier, the franchise had left to obtain a catastrophic balance sheet, and play the draft during this month of June. Instead, the front office got aggressive, going for a CJ McCollum, which immediately had a positive impact in New Orleans.

With the back, or Brandon Ingram as a bonus on the wing, the Pelicans are quite confident for the future. Finally, all that’s missing is the return of Zion Williamson, who unfortunately could not play for the season. The reason ? Healed more than expected after foot surgery last summer. The player is doing better, to the point that he can now impress observers with his physique.

Zion already ready for the new season!

If he hasn’t played this past season, Zion can count on brands to support him. The proof with Jordan, who has planned to release a shoe model for the player, the second. A promotional video was even released on social networks on Tuesday, showing that Williamson is doing better and better physically. It is up to him to maintain this form until the start of the school year.

The key for Zion is obviously the physical. He will not only be able to dominate his opponents, but with less weight, his knees will suffer less, as will his lower body. It’s up to him to continue to be careful in the future, but his video for Jordan is impressive:

The best for Zion Williamson, already ready to return to the courts to help the Pelicans. But until then, there is still a contract extension to negotiate. As we saw with Kyrie Irving at the Nets, it’s not always easy, especially in the case of Zion. A decidedly choppy summer for Duke’s product.



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