The members of the MJC have an appointment for a time of meeting and conviviality in Vimoutiers

Anaïs Robert offers a very entertaining program for this 1st edition ©Le Réveil Normand

Thanks to the first edition of the MJC Festival from Vimoutiers (Orne), you will have an excellent time détente and of friendliness, but in addition, you will contribute to the success of this project whose implementation is entrusted to a young student trainee, in this case, Anais Robert.

In the 1st year of BTS (Senior technician patent) DATR (Development, Animation of Rural Territories) at the Auguste-Loutreuil high school in Sées, this young 19-year-old sapienne must complete a ten-week internship, within a structure.

“Bringing together all age groups”

“It’s about proposing a project to revitalize the territory”, explains Anaïs.

When I was younger, I came to the MJC when I left Hée-Fergant college, while waiting for the schedule for Archery, which I practiced.

Anais Robert

Anaïs asked the director, Laetitia Renaud, to do his internship at the MJC. She worked on a 1st edition of the MJC Festival. “We hope to bring together all age groups, from all sections,” says Anaïs.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone moved away. This meeting is a good way to renew contacts, allowing members to meet and also rub shoulders with practitioners of other activities than their own.

Anais Robert

The pandemic has reduced the workforce of the MJC around 200 members while in 2019, the association had more than 500.

Anaïs has concocted a program with small onions with a dance show with the dancers of the club, a children’s show of the recreation center, broadcast of a short film produced in April by children guided by professional actors, a time’s up giant, different games (of puck, wooden giants, molky), a puck competition (registration on site) with an evening that will continue with songs (karaoke) and dancing. An open stage will be offered to all budding talents.

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Everyone brings their own picnic

For the game friendly, all participants are invited to come with their picnic for a joint dinner.

Videos: currently on Actu

I’m a little stressed. This is a big first year project. I hope the appointment will please. I will distribute a satisfaction questionnaire during the evening, for my assessment.

Anais Robert

The appointment is for members who do not need to book. Just come with his good humor and his picnic. And in number.

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