the Mbappé clan shocked by Noël Le Graët

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Last weekend, the president of the FFF, Noël Le Graët, again managed to incur the wrath of Kylian Mbappé. The reason ? This declaration given to the JDD. “I had received him after the Euro, he found that the Federation had not defended him after his missed penalty and the criticism on the networks. (…) He was angry, he no longer wanted to play in the France team, which he obviously did not think. » A version that was then strongly contested by the 2018 world champion.

On his social networks, the Bondynois had also curtly responded to NLG. “Yes finally I explained to him above all well that it was in relation to racism and NO to the penalty. But he considered that there had been no racism… ” A new controversy within the blue house that the boss of the FFF tried to calm. ” I agree with him. I understood everything and there is no problem with Kylian. I have always had a deep attachment to his personality. »

The FFF evokes a misunderstanding

End of the story ? No one really knows, especially since The Parisian reveals that the Mbappé clan, which is currently on vacation, was very shocked by the media release of Le Graët. The Mbappé were also able to count on the support of the boss of SOS Racisme, Hermann Ebongue. “Le Graët expresses no compassion and gives no support to Kylian Mbappé. »

After the clash between the two parties in the affair of the sponsors of the Blues (Mbappé had refused to participate in certain commercial operations, editor’s note), the two parties therefore still rubbed shoulders. Five months before the World Cup, however, the FFF told the newspaper that it was a ” incomprehension “ and that there was no fire. A version validated by the Mbappé? Not sure…

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