The Manuel Lloreda shooting range hosted the Malaga Provincial Archery Championship

the shooting range Manuel Lloreda of Malaga welcomed the Provincial Archery Championship of Malaga with a magnificent turnout. In total, 63 archers and archers from the clubs competed CD Club Arco Malaka, CD Arcoin, Benalmádena Archers Club, Mijas Sports Center, Costa del Sol Archers Club, Ajata Club and Arco Málaga Club.

Among them were current Andalusian champions such as Peter Andersen, Carmen Palomo or Rodrigo Palomo. The shooting modalities in this championship have been very varied, which has left us with images as curious as seeing archers on the shooting line since the youngest was seven years old, Leo Ruiz, at 78 years of veteran Jose Pedro Linero.

The competition was tough especially in the qualifying rounds due to the level of the participants and the high temperatures. In the qualifying rounds, the best of this sport could be enjoyed with really tight “duels”, some even had to be resolved with the tiebreaker arrow.

Finally, the medals were widely distributed among the Malaga clubs, with the CD Club Arco Malacca the one who achieved the most with 23 metals.

Both the organization and the participants wanted to highlight the good climate of coexistence and exchange of experiences and advice that took place throughout the competition, which once again became the reference goalkeeper meeting in our province.

Olympic Arch Plus 50

Gold. – Jose Luis Morata López – Costa del Sol Archers Club

Silver. – Alberto Robles Martín – CD Arco Club Malaka

Bronze. – F. Javier Marina Grau – Club Arqueros Costa del Sol

Senior Olympic Arch

Gold. – Jose Ignacio Moreno Sánchez – CD Arco Club Malaka

Silver. – Jose Manuel Cantón García – CD Arco Club Malaka

Bronze. – Jose Plaza Serrano – Club Arco Malaga

Under 18 Olympic Arch

Gold. – Eduardo Lanzas García – CD Arco Club Malaka

Silver. – Cesar Gámez Rey – CD Arco Club Malaka

Bronze. – Carla Noemí Ramírez Mancebo – CD Arco Club Malaka

Under 15 Olympic Arch

Gold. – Carmen Palomo Sanchez – CD Bow Club Malacca

Salary. – Oleksandr Murakhovsyi – CD Arco Club Malaka

Bronze. – Sofía Calvo Plaza – CD Arco Club Malaka

Junior Olympic Arch

Gold. – Maria Palomo Orellana – CD Bow Club Malacca

Silver. – Rocío Urbano Lisbona – CD Arco Club Malaka

Bronze. – Marta Fernández Cañero – CD Arcoin

Benjamin Olympic Arch

Gold. – Israel Berrido Ruiz – Costa del Sol Archers Club

Squirrel Olympic Arch

Gold. – Leo Ruiz Bueno – CD Arco Club Malaka

Silver. – Olivia Calvo Ruiz – CD Arco Club Malaka

Novel Olympic Arch

Gold. – Michailas Filatov – CD Arqueros Benalmádena

Silver. – Jose Antonio Platero Olmos – CD Arco Club Malaka

Bronze. – Jorge Ruiz Quiñones – CD Arco Club Malaka

compound bow

Gold. – Andrew Manuel Cerezo Acosta – AJATA Club

Silver. – María Urbano Lisbona – CD Arco Club Malaka

Bronze. – Eduardo J. Fernández Moreno – Mijas Sports Center

bare arch

oro. – Peter Andersen – CD Arco Club Malacca

Silver. – Juan Jose Mérida Granados – CD Arco Club Malaka

Bronze. – Rafael Jiménez Gallardo – CD Arco Club Malaka

traditional bow

Gold. – Thomas Eckert – Mijas Sports Center

Silver. – Michael Santapolonia Peace – CD Bow Club Malacca

Bronze. – Antonio Villalobos Bazán – CD Arco Club Malaka

Arco Long Bow

Gold. – Antonio German Lopez Marquez – CD Bow Club Malacca

plate. – Fernando Rengel Valderrama – CD Arco Club Malacca



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