“The man of dreams” Monday, June 20, 2022

The arthouse film tonight on TV: “The man of dreams” Monday 20 June 2022 at 9 pm on La 5 (Canale 30)

The man of dreams (Field of Dreams) it’s a film of 1989 directed by Phil Alden Robinson and performed by Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, Gaby Hoffman e Ray Liotta.

Second of Kevin Costner’s two consecutive baseball films (the other is Bull Durham – A three handed game).

One evening Ray Kinsella, a farmer who recently moved to theIowa with his wife Annie and daughter Karin, as he walks among the tall plants of his field of maizehe hears a voice tell him: “If you build him, he will come back“. Amazed and afraid, Ray thinks he is dreaming but when he hears that voice again he follows his instinct and builds a playing field. baseball regulate right behind the house. He doesn’t know why, but he knows he has to. And he soon discovers the reason: on the field one evening he materializes “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and with him, subsequently, the other seven players of the historic formation of the Chicago White Soxwho in 1919 were banned for life on charges of having sold a match of the World Series (the so-called Black Sox scandal[1]).

Ray does not believe his eyes but his “mission” is not over: he still hears “the voice” tell him “Soothe their pain”And realizes he has to track down some people. The first is Terence Mann, a writer liberalprogressive at the time branded as a communist and retired to private life. The second is Archibald “Moonlight” Grahama former player who became a doctor and benefactor who, however, discover that he is already dead except that, during a surreal walk, Ray finds himself in 1972, running into Moonlight. Apparently “unrelated” to each other, all these characters instead have to do with a person who is John Kinsella, father of Ray and fan of the White Sox; after 1968 the relationship between him and his son had been interrupted, Ray had left home and later John had sadly died. Ray finally realizes that maybe he now has the opportunity to “see” the parent again.

Before that happens, however, he has to deal with his brother-in-law Mark who wants to convince him to sell the farm. Terence and Karin, on the other hand, are against it and say that thousands of people would come to see the games of White Sox paying for the ticket. Since Mark can’t see the players, he thinks they’re all crazy; while he lifts Karin from the bleachers she was sitting on accusing her brother-in-law of driving her crazy too, Ray tries to stop him and her baby falls from the gallery. So Graham, who has become a boy again to fulfill his dream of playing at baseballmakes the choice to help her, definitively resuming the appearance of an elderly doctor.

Karin recovers and Moonlight, Terence and all the baseball players return “Over there”, among the corn plants, in the afterlife. Ray, at first resentful because he believes that Terence has taken his place in that “journey”, then realizes, thanks to Joe’s words, that the “Voice” was his own and that the purpose of all those events was to soothe the pain of his father. In fact, John reveals himself and finally, together with his son, he plays baseball, as he always wanted to do. It is evening and as father and son continue to play, an endless row of cars is seen from above approaching the baseball field, suggesting that Terence and Karin’s prophecy is coming true and that they will be able to pay off all debts with the banks and then to save the farm.

Directed by Phil Alden Robinson

Con Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, Gaby Hoffman e Ray Liotta


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