The latest American predictions a few hours before the 2022 Draft

After two months of waiting for teams that didn’t qualify for the Playoffs, it’s finally arrived at Draft 2022 day, and the rumors are more intense than ever. While we are only a few hours away from the first pick of the 2022 ceremony, the situation is changing again because all the cards can still be reshuffled this evening by the various front offices. You still don’t know who your favorite franchise is making eyes at? You’ve come to the right place for the answer. Between the six mock drafts ofESPN, Bleacher Report, The Athletic, Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports et The Ringerhere are the latest trends reported by the American media.

As a reminder, a mock draft corresponds to a simulation choice by choice which is based on the quality of the prospects, the different needs of the NBA franchises and the latest rumors from the corridors across the Great League.


It’s been a very long time since there has been so much uncertainty about the first draft pick. We all thought at the start of the season that Chet Holmgren was going to be the first player called up by Adam Silver, but he was caught in April by Jabari Smith Jr.. A week ago, we were already telling you that Auburn’s position 4 was the first option for the Magic… but Paolo Banchero’s latest workouts look like they could change the established opinion of the front office Floridian. Indeed, for a few days, the coast of the strong winger of Duke for the first pick begins to drop and his selection in front of everyone begins to become much more probable than before. The podium of this Draft is 99% recorded, but to know the exact order, it would be better to wait until this evening. The most likely arrangement remains the one established two months ago, ie Smith Jr. in Orlando, Holmgren in Oklahoma City and Banchero in Houston. As for the rest of the Top 5, it also seems to be recorded with Jaden Ivey at the Kings, and Keegan Murray at the Pistons.

For the 6th and 7th picks, it also seems to be unanimous. Bennedict Mathurin and his title of MVP of the Pacific Conference (PAC 12) will fly to Indiana, because a back would not be too much for the Pacers. In Oregon, the Draft could take on exotic flavors thanks to Australian point guard Dyson Daniels’ pick. Pretty cool as a Dame backup. At the Pelicans we still hesitate, but there is one certainty: in New Orleans, we want to recruit a kid with high potentialwhether with Kentucky fullback Shaedon Sharpe, or with our Frenche Ousmane Dieng who continues his crazy rise in the mock drafts. Same with the Spurs, if Sharpe is not taken before he will land in Texas, otherwise we will take another boy born in 2003 with center Jalen Duren. At the Wizards, we do not change our minds too much since their workout with Johnny Davis, so it is very certain that the capital recovers the back of Wisconsin tonight.

From the end of the Top 10 to the end of these lottery picks, there are still a lot of uncertainties, much more than before. At the Knicks, we still do not know … on which position to recruit. A few hours from the final deadline, it’s crazy. Whether it’s on position 1, with the interrogation TyTy Washington Jr. underutilized in the NCAA this season, at the back position with Malaki Branham, with AJ Griffin at position 3 or Jalen Duren inside if the latter n hasn’t been picked yet… Possible that everything is played with a paper casserole during the decision time: “How much ? – New. – 1, 2, 3… Choose a color. – Red…”. At the Thunder, the pick will clearly be a choice based on the best potential still available. At the Hornets, in dire need of a pivot, Jalen Duren will be taken if he is not recovered before. Otherwise, Charlotte will wait for pick 15 to recover Mark Williams in position 5 and therefore pick a winger or strong winger, with Griffin or Jeremy Sochan thanks to the 13th choice. We then switch to Ohio with the 14th which is still moving. Even if after his season, Ochai Agbaji seems to be obvious for the Cavs, the enigma Jalen Williams continues to intrigue. The Santa Clara player with a Michael Porter Jr. profile was already back in the mock drafts last week, and can now be a lottery pick tonight because the fit would be very good in Cleveland.


Trends Mock draft 2nd round 2022

Screened by many last week at the start of the second round, Wendell Moore Jr.captain of Duke and voted best winger of the season in the NCAA, continues his strong comeback to the 19th pick of the Timberwolves (Sports Illustrated) or the Sixers’ 23rd pick (ESPN). Same for the leader of Gonzaga, Andrew Nembhard who climbed well thanks to very good workouts. He is projected by several media in this first round of Draft 2022 now, in the 24th pick of the Bucks (CBS Sports) for example. The road to the guaranteed contract in the NBA is also starting to clear up for one of the sensations of this March Madness, Christian Braun, champion winger with Kansas. There are all the same small fresh eruptions to note, like that of Peyton Watsonback of UCLA, and Josh Minott, Memphis winger and teammate of Duren this year, who can potentially become good picks in this end of the first round. Speaking of potential steals of this Draft 2022some go up in the mocks like Jean Montero finally present in a first-round projection, where others settle more comfortably between several places, such as Jaden Hardy placed between the 24th and the 30th choice.

The Draft takes place this evening but these various simulations from the American media show that nothing is frozen a few hours before the start of the ceremony, and that everything that is acquired this morning can be shaken up this night. See you tonight at 1 a.m. for the final choices of each franchise!



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