The last judo session of the season, in Querrien – Querrien

Monday evening, June 27, 2022, it was the last judo session of the season, with Bruno Armaison giving the athletes their new belts. They were nearly thirty, every Monday, to follow the training in the multifunction room of Querrien. Some took part in the Brittany championship, others, like Adenora Thomas, Jérémy Fougere and Lily Bec, participated in the departmental ju ju-jitsu.

Bruno Armaison also welcomes the performance of Sylvia Sadoun who has invested in arbitration and who is departmental commissioner: “Competition is not the only goal”, specifies the coach who will keep in touch with his students. during the holidays.

A new room

At the start of the school year in September, the judokas will benefit from a room entirely dedicated to their sport. Thus, the tatami and the equipment will no longer have to be moved at each session. It is in the annex school that the dojo will be installed to the delight of young athletes who can decorate it to their liking.


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