The Lakers about to steal a Nets star!

The Nets may have saved the Kyrie duo Irving / Kevin Durant, but they’re losing all their best role players. The Lakers could also benefit from it, with the imminent signing of a big name. It will still be necessary to beat the neighbor Clippers in the file.

Like during the regular season, where situations Kyrie Irving and James Harden have been passionate and talked about, the Nets are the stars of the offseason. It must be said that the tensions between Uncle Drew, Kevin Durant and their direction were quite unexpected and quite violent. Worst-case scenario, both All-Stars could have left the franchise, which would have been one of the biggest earthquakes in history.

But failing to have received tempting offers elsewhere, except for a 6 million contract from the Lakers, the point guard has decided to activate his option at 37 million, and he will be well in his heart franchise. at the start of the school year, a real relief for the fans. And since that announcement, the Nets are once again seen as a team that matters and can attract the biggest players.

Blake Griffin back in Los Angeles this summer?!

For example, Brooklyn is the favorite of bookmakers to attract the biggest name available on the market, which would be a real masterstroke after such an eventful start to free agency. But while the rumors are exciting on the Nets side, there is also plenty of disappointing and disturbing news. The exodus of role players has begun, and the Lakers could come and use Steve Nash’s workforce.

I hear Blake Griffin is going back to LA… Clippers or Lakers. He leaves Brooklyn.

By managing to keep Kyrie Irving for at least one more season, and therefore Kevin Durant as a result, the Nets leaders probably thought they had saved the day… The problem is that the many institutional dysfunctions shown in recent weeks have another an equally serious consequence: role players looking for a ring will pack their bags for more stable organizations!

After Patty Mills and Goran Dragic, who decided not to extend to Brooklyn, it is Blake Griffin who should leave and return to Los Angeles, to the Clippers or to the Lakers. The interior was not the most used player, but he showed that he still had some good leftovers in the playoff series against Boston, who was one of the Nets’ few satisfactions in the sweep. The team that will welcome him will recover a talented veteran, profile so important in the quest for a title.

Like on the John Wall file, the Lakers and the Clippers should to compete for Blake Griffin, who still has some good serves to offer off the bench. It remains to be seen which franchise will be the most attractive for the former Nets.



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