The lack of financial support puts at risk the promotion of CB Santurtzi to LEB Plata

The CB Santurtzi launches a distress call by not being able to materialize its promotion to LEB Plata due to lack of financial support / AINHOA GORRIZ


One week before the registration deadline closes, the club describes the situation as “worrying” and believes that “a miracle would be needed”

The economic aspect muddies one of the great feats of Biscayan sport this season. Against all odds, CB Santurtzi was promoted to LEB Plata, beating authentic ocean liners that multiplied their budget. However, everything could go to waste due to lack of support from sponsors. There is only one week left for the registration deadline in this category and the purple entity reveals that it is “a long way from arriving”. Faced with such a desperate situation, they launch a cry for help to try to work what right now would be “a miracle”.

CB Santurtzi was the champion of its group in the EBA League ahead of the big favorites such as Baskonia, Mondragón or Cantbasket, for example. The great bond that has existed from start to finish between all the players and the coaching staff was the root of their success, which also allowed them to achieve historical records. This was not enough, but they had to beat Huelva, L’Hospitalet and Alcobendas in a promotion playoff to be LEB Plata. Again, without entering any pool, they again gave the surprise and won the three games to leave no doubt that they deserved to be a member of that third national level.

This story of overcoming, which served as a new example of being ambitious and never giving up, could be clouded by economic aspects. This has been stated by the club in a statement. “The lack of financial support means that, unfortunately, we are still far from being able to count on the consistency and support necessary for the project to take the step forward in the offices it deserves on the track. We say that CB Santurtzi needs help to be able to participate in the category it deserves, to be able to be Silver also in the offices », he highlights.

With a week to go, “the situation is desperate,” the statement reveals. EL CORREO has spoken with Íñigo Núñez, coach of the first team and director who is breaking his helmet to get the necessary support. He maintains that “we are halfway through what could be an average budget in LEB Plata”, for which he considers his viability in this league to be “very complicated”. Today, they must triple the income they have achieved so far. Therefore, it is not surprising that the coach from Santurtzi commented that “a miracle is needed to have what we have deserved on the track”.

“Safe bet”

Iñigo Núñez expresses his satisfaction with the institutional treatment. He indicates that from the town hall they have been put in contact with numerous companies, among which are several openwork that work in the port, but they have found almost all the doors closed. However, the coach considers that CB Santurtzi is “a safe bet.” One of the arguments is that around 500 people have attended some of the meetings this season. “We need companies or people who believe in our project, I am convinced that if there is someone who has that predisposition, they will discover the potential we have and the return we can give them, because we have studied it”, he concludes.



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