The keys with which the Celtics seek to sentence the ring against the Warriors

BarcelonaThe third game of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors, played this Thursday morning, ended in a clear victory for the local team, Boston (116-100). With this success, the green team is one win ahead in the seven-game series (2-1). With the duel in Boston, the NBA Finals have returned to one of the most legendary pavilions in the history of the competition, although where it is played now is the new TD Garden, which opened in 1995, located right next door. of the old pavilion. These are the keys to the Celtics’ second victory.

The Boston Defense

Boston’s defense has once again been key in this third game to take the victory. Driven by the fans of TD Garden, which has once again been a pressure cooker for the rival, the physical and defensive level of those of Ime Udoka has made it difficult for much of the game the offensive system of San Francisco. Steve Kerr’s players now seemed to think the job was done and acted more defensively, just waiting for the ref to blow the final whistle. .

The third quarter, an Achilles heel for Boston

Still, the third quarter has been shown to be a headache for the Celtics. In the first three games, the partial set of the third periods is 106 to 63 in favor of Golden State. In the first game, if it weren’t for the disappearance of the Warriors (or the success of Boston) in the last quarter, the victory would have been taken by Stephen Curry’s team and company. In the second, the 35-14 run was key for the Warriors to tie the finals. And in this third match, they have managed to regain the advantage, although it has been more or less the same as in the first game, with a last quarter overwhelming for the Celtics. Even though the Bostonians are just two wins away from winning the championship ring, they will have to sweat bravely in the third quarter if they want to win the finals on the fast track.

Concern with Curry

Golden State is worried about a possible injury to Curry. At the end of this third game, and in the dispute for a rebound, the pivot Al Horford fell on the leg of the star base of San Francisco, and was lying on the ground making clear gestures of pain. However, it is unlikely that Curry will miss one of the most important games of the season for the Warriors, although from the third to the fourth game there will be the minimum difference of two days between duels, as in all others there are three days off in between.

The future of the series

The Warriors have 26 rounds of play-off followed by winning at least one away game, and the Celtics have eight wins in them play-off at home, only one to reach the 1995 Houston Rockets record. play-off; they have always risen after a defeat.

If the Celtics won the next game, the fourth, they would be 3-1 up and have three match ball ahead to get the coveted ring. The only time he was back 3-1 in an NBA Finals was in 2016, and precisely against the Warriors, when LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers lifted a tie they had virtually lost and got one of the most important feats in the contemporary history of the competition.

The fourth game of the playoffs will be played again at Boston’s TD Garden on Friday morning through Saturday (3 p.m., #Vamos and NBA League Pass). It remains to be seen if the Celtics will put in a foot and a half to take the NBA championship ring fourteen years later, or if the Warriors will endure a few more games to dominate the best basketball league in the world. .



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