“The key to the Queen’s Trophy is all the people who make it possible”

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The XXIII SM La Reina Trophy kicks off – Homage to the Navy Regatta – XXXIV Almirante Marcial Sánchez-Barcaíztegui Cup and the president of the Real Club Náutico de Valencia, Marisa Arlandis, previously values ​​the work of organizing and launching the emblematic nautical event of the Club, emphasizing as its key to “all the people who make it possible”.

-How does the RCNV approach this new edition of the emblematic Queen’s Trophy?

-With the joy, energy and enthusiasm of those who wait for their big party to arrive. The club dresses up. It is a competition open to the eyes of anyone who wants to come and experience it; This is how it has been done since the beginning and so it continues to be.

The regatta course can be seen from the entire southern part of our club and also from the beaches of Pinedo and Saler.

-As president you will live your first edition. What does this regatta mean for your Board of Directors?

-A great challenge for everyone. Organizing it in its entirety and having the responsibility of reaching such high minimum requirements obliges us, but above all it motivates us. Leading this team is a great pride: it has always been my club and my home. Eduardo Navarro, a great navigator and lover of the sea forever, director of the sailing area, is the one who directs the technical and sports part in all its breadth, supported by José María Escudero and Miguel Martínez Beguer, and also by the director of the Rafel Chirivella regatta and technical directors Carlos de Beltrán and Pedro Quiroga. I am not forgetting the rest, since without the necessary logistics and the perfect gearing of the teams, we would not be able to accommodate the more than 100 boats that arrive and the more than 1,000 sailors. Commodore Andrés Arlandis and the team with Jaime Lloris, Nuria Gregori, Miguel Contreras, Adán Lorente, Juanjo Martínez, María Soto and Delia Barral, control the organization on the ground. In addition, our treasurer Myriam Esparza is watching over budget control. Both Vice President Manuel Setién and I take care of the institutions, sponsors and authorities. We always work in commissions and teams in everything we do.

-How has the work been in these months to achieve the organizational objective?

-Intense, since you almost start from scratch every year to achieve the highest level in the organization. There is a coordinated work towards shipowners, sailors, the media, sponsors, public and private institutions. In addition, the Royal House is the great protagonist of the event together with the members of the Navy, all of them involved in the development and success of this sporting event from the beginning. A regatta of this level requires a great economic, media and logistical effort. In Reina the house is transformed and for this reason the prelude to the regatta is like a great production that entails great activity, many hours of work, coordination meetings of all teams of professionals and also with great intensity in decision making. We are prepared for the arrival of the boats and the sailors, for the competition,… In a great sporting spectacle that takes the work of hundreds of people who make it a reality every year.

-What level will this 2022 edition of the SM La Reina Trophy present in the water?

-Maximum. We are the second most important regatta on the national circuit and this makes many teams want to compete in our waters. Our club and our regatta field in the next few days will have an activity that will be the envy of most of the national clubs.

-And on land?

-With the same intensity. It is just as important to do well in the water as it is for athletes to have all the expected services on land. Our village is always a differentiating point due to the breadth of our facilities, the activities carried out, technical talks, presentations, live interviews, the service of the collaborating brands and the party that is breathed in it. Only one can win, but the village is open and fun for everyone. With hours for members who enjoy it during the sea trials and afterwards, closed for sailors who seek shade, drink and food to recover the energy of a hard day of sun and great activity. I want to highlight that the involvement of the members and the Club in this Trophy is total and this means that we open all the social facilities to the more than 1,000 athletes and we try to make them feel like they are in their own club. The partners are the ones who year after year make this type of international and massive events possible. Without the inner will we would have no competition. The crew and all the technical teams, the social and institutional area hardly rests during all the days of celebration: they are the hidden heroes of the regatta.

-In addition, institutional and private partners are key.

Both public and private institutions are key. In many cases we are the instrument that makes the sporting event possible, becoming necessary collaborators. The unconditional support, after carrying out the activity for 119 years, is relevant to know that we can advance in the organization for the coming years. Our history in defense and development of this sport, the merits of our athletes and the continuity of support give us the security that teams and brands need to commit to us for the future. In this case I want to refer to World Sailing , V Vuelta al Mundo Centenario, the Spanish Navy, the Spanish Sailing Federation, the Valencian Sailing Federation, the Municipal Sports Foundation, the Generalitat Valenciana, Visit Valencia, the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the Valencia City Council or the Red Cross. We highlight La Casa Real as an Institution that has also actively participated in the development of this regatta for 23 years. And in the private sector, Varadero Valencia, Mercedes-Benz Valdisa, AQ Acentor, Coca-Cola, Royal Bliss, Sportnautica, Universitat Politècnica de València and Sailing Project are with us.

-In the end, in every event, the human group that shapes a test of these characteristics is essential.

-Our great value. Without the teams that we have and that are our competitive advantage, the regatta would not be possible. They work tirelessly for a common goal, which is above all to ensure that visitors enjoy themselves to the full both at sea and on land. Each one in the part that corresponds to them works tirelessly to meet the technical, sporting and social expectations that are required in a competition like this.

-Within your legislature, what is the roadmap for the regatta in this and the coming years?

-We can talk about the future: grassroots sport that culminates in races in which the professionals are the sailors of our SM La Reina Trophy or the Swan World Cup, to which the Queen will be a prelude, among other high-level competitions. We want to fill the best ships in the world with our young people. It’s already happening. We bet strongly on the base. Our dinghy sailors join cruising crews in competitions like these. And from the point of view of sponsorship and collaboration, we seek public and private institutional partners who find in us a long-term travel companion aligned with their ideals. We want to make it more social and more massive at sea and on land.

-Before becoming president, you have experienced this regatta at different times. What does this regatta personally mean?

-Being at the head of the team is above all an honor that I owe to the members of the club for their trust. But it is at the same time a great personal challenge since it is the first time that I find myself in this position. I have actively participated in the execution of previous editions, especially in the land part. And I have also been in the water competing, but this year everything is very different. One edition is never the same as another. I don’t remember the club now without the regatta. I suppose that the intensity of the activity and the emotion that this event leaves among the partners is such that I don’t know what we did before without it.

– Will it be in the water?

-In the water safe. But I don’t know if I’ll get to compete or not. Institutional activity fills much of the agenda. Probably, on Friday he will go out with the team from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, but the rest of the days it will be with the authorities’ boat or pneumatics at the starting line for better follow-up.

-In addition, it will be a prelude to the Swan World Cup.

-In fact, some will join the SM La Reina Trophy, thus growing in sporting, technical and showmanship level of the competition. It is of great importance that the Swan class has chosen us as the venue for this year’s World Championship. The Real Club Náutico de Valencia thus enters an exclusive group of venues. These are very intense weeks for us. The club has been working on this project for many years and it has finally become a reality. The partners bet heavily on having them here and it was achieved.

-How does the member of the RCNV feel these regattas?

-They give up the club, help selflessly, compete and live passionately and with great pride in the activity and the organization. They always welcome sailors and authorities who visit us with open arms. Without them it would be impossible. They are committed to grassroots and competitive sports. The effort allows the development of all the activities we do.

-And for the visitor, what will they find in this regatta?

-From the RCNV we develop nautical sports tourism. We offer both what the club can present with its facilities and the activities that we program as well as all the leisure activities that the city has to offer. Currently, Valencia is a reference as the venue for the most important regattas in the world. Let’s not forget that two editions of the America’s Cup were held here and the RCNV has hosted numerous European and world dinghy sailing championships.

-From the profile of the recognitions, the RCNV, within the framework of the Queen, continues to recognize the work of the press with the Communication Award for the trajectory.

-You do a great job of visualizing nautical activity and there are only a few of you who specialize in this sport. I believe that this international recognition is obligatory for this work. The nautical journalistic activity is of great relevance. We will continue to support journalistic awards.

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