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I don’t understand the Judo Dragon Tiger List

What do you think of “Judo Dragon and Tiger List”?

What do you think of “Judo Dragon and Tiger List”?

Judo Dragon and Tiger List” is the only emotionally watched movie this year (so far). For me personally, “Soft” is very likely to be the “best” Chinese-language film of the year, but it must not be the “best-looking” Chinese-language film. To borrow the phrase “Easy listening” on the music, this movie is not an “Easywatching” movie.

The idea of ​​the script of “Judo Dragon and Tiger” is clear. It may be themed first, but it is by no means a far-fetched work. Let’s talk about a few places in the plot that may cause doubts. The first thing to do is, of course, why is Situ Bao, a judo master played by Gu Tianle, depressed? Why did he suddenly rekindle his fighting spirit? The audience with a clear mind should see that it is because this character has an eye disease – so Aaron Kwok said, “You don’t believe that I have a retinal disease…” When he said that, Gu Tianle was inspired to talk to him for the first time. That’s why Aaron Kwok later found the ophthalmologist’s business card in the cabinet. That’s why Louis Koo suddenly turned on and off the lights in the judo gym one day after he practiced martial arts, so the last scene between him and Leung Ka Fai The two sides in the decisive battle will fight blindfolded.

This time, the “Judo Dragon and Tiger List” is more important, and it is still able to maintain a “fighting heart” after losing (the movie poster reads “unstoppable, fighting heart bursting”). And the word “lose” has both a real reference and an abstract meaning. On a realistic level, John To naturally hopes to encourage every Hong Konger to face the current reality and keep fighting spirit after “lose”; for viewers who are not in Hong Kong, you also have a mundane life that you can’t escape. In fact, most of the old men in the “Judo Dragon and Tiger List” – Gu Tianle, who is addicted to alcohol and gambling without asking if he wins or loses, only the owner of a dilapidated bar, the underworld elder brother who is looking for someone to challenge all day, none of them. It is not a person whose ambition has been polished by life – in the first half of the film, only young Caier Ying and Aaron Kwok (referring to the characters in the play) are willing to work hard for their dreams.

Because of this, after Caier Ying robbed money from the casino, she went back to the part where she won the gold, which became the first moving part of the whole film. For me, the most moving part of this film is not Gu Tianle’s rekindling of fighting spirit, but his Challenge the passages of those old men one by one – it turns out that everyone can be resurrected, and everyone can hide their dragons and crouching tigers in their hearts. ——His ambition is the hardest to bury, or the most embarrassing to bury.

In fact, probably every mortal has a dream of death – how many people can get the kind of success they want? How many people don’t yearn for a life elsewhere? You may dream back to the beginning in the middle of the night and then turn around and sigh, and To Qifeng made this sigh a horn, I just want to say (in a sentence I don’t like) “If you are a man, your blood will boil.”



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