The judo club wants to recruit in schools

The reward of a whole season. At the Senonches Judo club, it was a party for the 60 registered. A highlight that took place on the tatami at the André-Huchet dojo, as the licensees changed belts to move on to the next grade with medals and diplomas, following the work accomplished during the season. President Didier Dubille was happy to present these awards for his last term at the helm of the club.

Become known

This year, Lou Mercier passed his technical exam and Kata obtained his 1 is dan in the cadet category. In the Seniors category, Leane Travers is preparing her 2 do dan as well as Amélie Duryee. For the occasion, Christophe Lefebure, vice-president in charge of youth and sports of the CDC des Forêts du Perche, came.

For the next school year, the objective of the Judo club is to increase the licensees, to make themselves known. To achieve this, the officials will consult and canvass the schools of Senonches and the college in order to attract young people.

Next year, the composition of the Senonches club office changes. Vice President Alexandre Marie becomes President and Didier Dubille takes the post of Vice President. Patricia Gillet leaves her post of secretary to Claire Chauveau.



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