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 Masanobu Sasaki, a former NPB referee who became the last priest in 2020 to succeed the temple of his parents’ house. He is a veteran referee who has participated in 2414 official games and has participated in the Japan Series six times. We asked Mr. Sasaki to talk about the world of professional baseball as seen from “through a mask.”

Brown, who has been sent off 12 times, the most as an NPB coach
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Brown’s exit drama is a scenario !?

Director Marty Brown has been sent off a total of 12 times, eight times during the Hiroshima era and four times a year during the Rakuten era. This is the highest record for a Japanese professional baseball manager.

Hiding the home base with soil, pulling out the base and throwing it … As you can see, it was a passionate type, but it probably had a show-like element. The reason is, Brown said, “Please leave early. What are you doing now!” From Brown’s point of view, it was a behavior to boost the morale of the team.

Among the same foreign directors, Bobby Valentine, who was a major director including the New York Mets, seemed to have a gentleman atmosphere at first glance, but in fact it was super passionate and it was hard to get angry.

By the way, the three foreign players who had a hard time were Tuffy Rhodes who played for Kintetsu and Giants, Alex Cabrera who played mainly for Seibu, Yakult, and Vladimir Valentin who played for Softbank. They were “claimers” who immediately complained about the decision (laughs).

Overtime games that players and referees dislike

I can’t say it in a loud voice, but during the long-distance pennant race, I really want to finish with normal match time if possible and be in perfect condition the next day. Not only players and team members, but also customers want to see the end, but I think the train time is also a concern.

The match time is 20 minutes on both sides. This is 180 minutes for 9 times … that is, the average match time is about 3 hours. For example, in a game that starts at 18:00, if it’s 19:00 when the bottom of the third inning is over, it’s going well, but if it’s 19:30 or 20:00, “Today’s game is long”.



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