THE GREEN LANTERN – Neymar or CR7? Maybe you are exaggerating… Miretti and Fagioli are not bets!

Okay, I think there is a limit to everything. Premise: after the blow Cristiano Ronaldo, nothing surprises me anymore, especially if Juventus is at stake. However, I believe that, in this historical period, throwing certain names there is counterproductive for everyone, first and foremost for the real Juventus fans. Within a couple of days, there was talk of the possible arrival of Neymar in black and white and of a sensational return of CR7 to Turin. Should the “tip” of Messi arrive near Juventus, we would be at the apotheosis of madness. I don’t want anyone but I don’t like playing with the market. I understand that it is convenient for everyone to “shoot them bigger and bigger”. Yet, I believe that a limit should never be crossed. I do not doubt that there is some truth in these market rumors (Juventus is the top club par excellence in Serie A, it is normal that they are “contacted” for any player proposal). Perhaps, however, we should also think about what Juventus can really do and, above all, what it wants to do. §
Juventus is changing its skin. He wants to set up an important squad, a perfect mix of champions and young people to start a new golden age. You can’t afford people like Neymar or CR7. There are economic and “gambling” reasons. Let’s leave some speeches outside the Bianconeri confines …
Better to focus on more delicate and concrete matters such as the future of Miretti and Fagioli. Of course, they are not high-sounding names but, I have no doubts, they represent the future of Juventus. The first has already tasted the First team, the second has distinguished himself in Cremona … I would love to see them in the squad next season and not just to “make up”. Two young men so gifted are worth the risk. You have to let them play, give them the opportunity to take the field with the Juventus jersey … They are Italian, young and very talented. Why on earth do you hear about them are in the outgoing market perspective? No, I don’t think it’s the best solution for Juventus. To create a new group of champions, you have to do some gambling. And, beware, I really don’t think Miretti and Fagioli are bets. Their quality is already known to all … Parking them elsewhere would not be a good idea …
So, as far as I’m concerned, fewer pindaric flights and more careful choices. Miretti and Fagioli must play in the Juventus edition 2022/23. This is the way (Mandalorian quote).
Closing on the soap opera Di Maria. Right to wait for it but not indefinitely. I hope that the time for Fideo’s final choice is very close. Di Maria is a top player but Juventus are more important …

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