The great champions of the LATAM Basketball Leagues

This time the LATAM basketball news will mention its great champions, is that already in most of its best leagues it was known who were the consecrated ones of this exciting season. A year that was very significant for Latin American basketball, mainly due to the return of fans to the courts after the effects of covid-19 and who undoubtedly feasted on the good basketball that was shown in each of the leagues.

Argentine National Basketball League

Starting in a good way, we have to start talking about what was the outcome of the Argentina National Basketball League, since it is known who was the great champion of this season. When everyone thought that the Quimsa team would be crowned for being one of the most dominant of the season, in the end the story was different and nothing more and nothing less than the Institute team was in charge of changing all this theory.

It is that in a 5th and decisive game, playing as a visitor and with all the pressure that can be imagined, they were crowned champions of the National Basketball League of Argentina. The team known as the “Glory” was the great winner of the fifth game with a tight score 85-84 as a visitor. It should be noted that the most valuable player of the match was Loku Neck with 21 points, 6 rebounds and also scoring the two free throws that put definitive numbers in the match.

In this way, after witnessing an exciting and extremely close series, everything was defined in a 3 a 2 favoring the team of the Institute in the global, to achieve his first great title and in what way beating the great favorite this year. With a great individual hierarchy added to a well-matched game as a whole, the people of Cordoba were able to celebrate at the end in a fully packed Ciudad stadium.

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From the beginning of the match, as expected, it was very even, with intense internal competition, leaving the outside shots for the outcome of the match. The first quarter ended 25-23 in favor of the team from Thirdin this way we observed how little by little the match was having a great offensive that in the end would reflect a high score worthy of a great final.

With no tomorrow for either of the two teams, everything was going to be defined in this 5th match where the nerves were left aside and both came out with everything. Although the Institute team once had a 9-point lead, Quimsa never gave up. Terry even put the Quimsa team up on the scoreboard from the free throw line with 4.8 seconds left in the match.

It was when there was a dead time on the part of the Institute to put together a play that would place them on top. In this sense, Neck was able to penetrate to receive the final foul and score the two free throws that would leave the score. 85-84automatically giving the victory and the title in turn to the Institute.

After celebrating in the Super 8 and going through numerous inconveniences throughout the season, with which they had 3rd place in the regular phase, those commanded by Lucas Victoriano were able to put an end to Quimsa’s favoritism and be crowned in the end. Let us remember that this is the first title of the Institute of Córdoba in its history in the National Basketball League of Argentina.

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national basketball league in chile

The National Basketball League in Chile, is still in full development of its grand finale, which is that the UDEC was able to win in extra time and thus prevailed in the fifth game of the series. In this way, they are only one win away from being crowned in what is known as the CDO+ by Cecinas Llanquihue League. In turn, the team from Colegio Los Leones will do everything possible to prevent this from happening in the sixth match of the final series, which will be played in Quilpué.

It is important to mention that after this victory in overtime 70-66, the series is 3-2 with the team of the UDEC, being only one victory away from achieving the long-awaited bi-championship. Intense match from start to finish. The first quarters of the match were undoubtedly for the UDEC team, but the felines recovered throughout the game, going into the break only down on the scoreboard by a difference point.

His recovery was so great, that while the 3rd set was underway, the felines were the ones who scored the most, that’s how the game was even until the end to force an extra time. Regarding extra time, the team that stood out the most was the UDECtaking advantage of a couple of triples to get ahead on the scoreboard and steal a win at the Casa del Deporte.

In another order of ideas, the most outstanding players of the meeting were Evandro Arteaga who was able to score 16 points being the game’s top scorer, in addition to foreigner Jerry Evans with 15 points and 12 rebounds being the most valuable player. Also noteworthy is the work of Eugenio Luzcando with 10 points and 9 assists, Diego Silva scoring 14 points and Arnold Louis establishing a double double of 13 points and 12 rebounds.

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uruguayan basketball league

In the Uruguayan Basketball Leaguethe team from Biguá was able to consecrate itself as the champion of the 2021/22 season, thus achieving the two-time championship after the League obtained in the 2021 season. The team known as Pato de Villa Biarritz, was crowned champion by winning series 4 -1 against his peer from Peñarol, obtaining his seventh title at the local level in the Uruguayan Basketball League.

The final score of the meeting was a resounding 98-76, widely defeating the Peñarol team. The most outstanding player was Donald Sims scoring up to 26 points to help the Biguá team to be crowned.



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