The future of Varese Basketball passes through Australia

VARESE – Mission accomplished. Travel by Luis Scola in Australia, according to journalistic rumors, he would have hit the target. That is to find investors ready to bet on the future of Varese Basketball. Investors or rather an investor. Ross Pelligraan Italian-Australian entrepreneur already known for having expressed his intention to buy the Catania football (on the other hand his family had left Sicily to go to Australia). Pelligra would immediately enter the red and white governance by acquiring 45% of the company shares. In exchange, as anticipated by Varese Noi, there would be the management of the Lino Oldrini sports hall and, perhaps, also of the Franco Ossola stadium. In essence, the Pelligra group, in addition to fresh money for Varese Basketball, it would restructure the entire sports sector of Masnago, having in exchange the management of the facilities. Now it will be the Varese municipal administration that will have to give the guarantees. Naturally, the red and white board will also have to give the ok to an operation that would change the internal balance of Varese Basketball. Time is running out. On the more strictly sporting background there is a coach to choose, a team to set up, an agreement with Robur et Fides to close, etc. Not trifles. The Pelligra Group would handle the Enerxenia Arena (which in the meantime will no longer be called that, regardless of the operation, but by choice of the sponsor), which would find the funds for the complete restructuring after the ugly mess of Gianni Petrucci on PNRR funds (fermi remaining the 2 million euros already allocated by the Lombardy Region for the restaurant and museum part).

Varese Scola Australia Basketball – MALPENSA24



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