The first Salvadorans arrive at the Bolivarian Games

Bowling is the first Salvadoran sport that reached the Bolivarian Games. This Thursday more disciplines would be added for the regional sports festival

There is only one day left to wait. And El Salvador began to send its contingent, for the dispute of the XIX Bolivarian Games Valledupar 2022, In colombia. Today in the morning hours, the first to arrive on coffee soil were the botapines.

Bowling is the one that inaugurated the Villa where the country will be housed, in a fair that runs from June 24 to July 5. The national delegation will be made up of 69 athletes, of which 27 are female and 42 male. Cuscatlecos will participate in 14 sports.

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In this way, those who already arrived at the Colombian event were the botapines Julio Acosta, Luis Bendeck, Kevin Nunez and Marvin Escobar, in men’s team; while in the ladies’ team, they attended Sandra Quintanilla, Roxana Fajardo and Camila Artiaga.

They wasted no time and got to know the facilities where they will compete and trained at night. The competitions will be, as confirmed by the Salvadoran Olympic Committee (Coes), at the Megamall Park Bowling Alley. The optimism of the first nationals in Valledupar is to stay with a metal, in these Bolivarians.

The Villa in Colombia, inside. Salvadorans will be here for more than ten days. Photo: Courtesy COES

Bendeck stated: “I have been looking for a gold medal for years, and I am sure that this is an excellent opportunity to achieve it. I will try to get it individually or collectively. That is my goal.” For this Thursday, the contingent would continue to expand, and it is expected that they will arrive gym, karate and skating; while badminton will be in a sub-venue, in Bogotá. Futsal is added on Friday.




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