The first community sports meeting in Xi’an, the Yanta district competition, kicked off

Throwing sandbags and rolling iron rings… sports are hilarious

The first community sports meeting in Xi’an, the Yanta district competition, kicked off

2022-06-22 16:45:43Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News On the morning of June 22, the “I Participate, My Health” Yanta Division Competition of the First Community Games of Xi’an opened at the Qinglong Temple Site Square. 164 teams and more than 10,000 players from the region will participate in the five categories of 25 competition in a competition. Under the shade of trees, chess players battle their wits and courage, and play Chinese chess; on the square, throwing sandbags and rolling iron rings brings people back to childhood memories; table tennis, basketball and other popular events are even more enjoyable for players. sports fun.

The opening ceremony kicked off with the solemn national anthem. The leaders of the Yanta District Party Committee and the District Government made speeches and announced the opening. The athletes and referees solemnly swore an oath. The sports instructors issued proposals to the general community: scientific fitness, civilized fitness, and advocating green life New fashion, work together to write a new chapter in the high-quality development of Yanta. A party building publicity service area and an intangible cultural heritage display and interactive area were also set up at the event site, and excellent programs such as boxing and fan group “Ten Sending Red Army”, fitness ball exercise “Nanniwan” and square dance “Chinese Family” were displayed.

Yanta District has always attached great importance to the work of leading grass-roots governance through party building, and actively practiced “what the people call, and I can do it”. We will improve the nine work levels of position construction, team building, grid management, volunteer service, property party building joint construction, and party building branding, so as to solve the pain points and difficulties of grass-roots social governance. The purpose of holding community sports meeting is to better meet the people’s growing diversified sports needs, enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of grass-roots party organizations, improve the level of grass-roots governance led by party building, and promote national fitness to a new level, so as to build the party with practical actions. The group “Linking Heart Bridge” conveys the “red temperature” at the grassroots level, further activates the cultural and sports life of the community, enhances the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security, and shows the new image and vitality of the Wild Goose Pagoda.

It is understood that the Yanta sub-competition of this Community Games is based on the theme of “I Participate • My Health”. The competition is divided into five categories: ball, quality, chess, dance, and fun. There are basketball, rope skipping, and chess. 25 other entries. According to the regulations, the event will go through community selection competitions and district-level divisional competitions. The event will last until November. The outstanding players will represent Yanta District to participate in the finals of the first community games in Xi’an. On the square of the Qinglong Temple ruins, the players threw sandbags and rolled iron rings happily. Ms. Zhang Rui from Electronic City Street told the reporter with a smile: “I used to play sports games of sandbags and iron rings when I was young. Now the community sports meeting also has such interesting projects, although it is said that I am not as skilled as before, but I feel that I am a few decades younger, and I have returned to my childhood, full of childlike fun!”

The scorching sun can’t stop the enthusiasm of the general community for sports. Here, the competition of interesting projects is in full swing, and there is a chess competition that pays attention to “static braking”. On the surface, chess players drink tea and play chess leisurely under the shade of trees, but in fact they are fighting wits and courage. among. Even if some players lost the game, they still didn’t know what to do, and there was an extra-time friendly match on the spot. “I should have been able to pair directly just now. Maybe the situation could be better. But in such a game, friendship is the first, and the game is second. The key is to communicate more and make more friends through playing chess!” Mr. Liu, a chess player, said bluntly.

The Yanta Division Competition of the First Community Games in Xi’an not only attracted extensive participation from the community, but also received praise from sports celebrities. Wang Libin, vice chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association and chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Basketball Association, helped the Yanta division: “I am participating, I am healthy, I am waiting for you in Yanta!” He has won medals in the table tennis events of the National Games mass group many times. The “Northwest Ball King” Liu Haifeng also rushed to the opening ceremony of the Yanta Divisional Tournament. He praised: “The competition is very good, it has promoted the fitness of the whole people, and improved the physical quality of the people. For me, the competition is mainly exercise. Body, communicate with golfers, promote each other, and improve together. This tournament is organized by the Organization Department, which enhances cohesion and strengthens the people’s belief in ‘listen to the party’s words and follow the party’!”

Text/Photo by Wang Rui, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

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