The fight for the leaders of the Latvian Football Super League “Valmiera” will be hosted by RFS

RFS lost to the Riga team with a 0: 2 pre-match break in the capital and stopped the series of eight victories, but when the matches resumed, they were able to play and close the match with a 2: 2 draw against Liepāja.

During the national team break, the Latvian national team goalkeeper Pavels Steinbors and Serbian midfielder Stefan Panic joined the RFS team, as well as Brazilian striker Gauss, as well as two other Serbian footballers – midfielder Stefan Tsvetkovic and right-back Jovans Vlaluk.

In the first mutual match, the people of Valmiera won 3: 1.

In turn, at 19 pm in Liepāja stadium “Daugava” will host “Tukums 2000 ″ /” Telms “unit. This game will be available on

“Liepāja”, which noticeably strengthened during the national team break, played a draw against RFS in the last match (2: 2), but before that they lost to Valmiera with 3: 1.

After the break, the Tukums team returned with a minimal loss against “Riga”, giving up 0: 1.

At the beginning of the season, the duel of both teams was superior in the duel of both teams, winning a convincing success with 4: 1.

In the last game of the day at 8 pm, “Riga” will play on its field with the “Auda” team, broadcasting the game live on the channel TV4.

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During the national team break, “Riga” confirmed Croatia’s Sandro Perkovich as a head coach, as well as reinforced the team with Swedish center defender Douglas Bergqvist, home right-back defender Yegor Novikov, Nigerian defender / midfielder Alexander Ogundi, and Portuguese midfielder Douglas. Domestic defender Ilya Korotkov returned to the club, who was rented in the “Auda” unit in the first half of the season.

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The Rigans have won six games in a row, while Auda won Daugavpils 2: 1 before the break, followed by a devastating victory over Jūrmala’s Spartaks 5-0.

For the first time when both teams met this season, the Riga footballers were 1-0.

It has already been reported that in the first two games of the 18th round, “Daugavpils” won “Super Nova” with 1: 0, but “Spartaks” from Jūrmala played and with 4: 2 success over “Metta” footballers.

Valmiera is at the top of the tournament table with 44 points in 17 matches, but RFS is the same number of points in games. In the third place is “Riga” with 37 points, but behind the first three is “Liepāja” with 36 points, these teams also play 17 games. “Auda” is in the fifth place with 24 points in 16 fights, but “Daugavpils” is in the fifth place with 21 points. 13 points in 18 fights are for “Metta”, 11 points in 16 dues are for “Tukums 2000 ″ /” Telms ”team, 11 points in 17 fights are scored by“ Spartaks ”, while five points in 18 matches are for“ Super Nova ”unit.

Ten teams play in the 2022 Super League. In the Premier League championship last season, for the first time in the history of the club, RFS triumphed, “Valmiera” took the second place, and “Liepāja” won bronze awards. Meanwhile, the champion team of the previous three seasons “Riga” took the fourth place.



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