The favorites for the 2023 title already revealed, big affront for the Lakers!

The 2021/2022 season has barely ended that some are already thinking about the next exercise. The Las Vegas bookies have just released their odds for the 2023 title, and if the Warriors are still at the top, it’s a big cold shower for LeBron James’ Lakers.

The NBA season has barely ended when we already have to think about the next one… The Warriors may be magnificent champions, Stephen Curry Although he may have won his first Finals MVP title and cemented his place in league history, next Thursday, everyone will be thinking only of the Draft and the future. Moreover, this evening should be particularly beautiful for Ousmane Dieng, announced ever higher !

A few days later, it’s the free agency that will monopolize the attention and that will speak in the NBA microcosm. It must be said that this period is always decisive since it allows certain teams to strengthen and become serious candidates for the title, while others fail to attract their targets and find themselves completely unprepared…

The favorite Warriors, the Lakers behind!

But even before going through these two crucial stages, some are thinking of the 2023 title. In Las Vegas, the bookmakers have directly set to work to establish the odds for the next playoffs, and the ranking is quite surprising. Indeed, the Nets and the Lakers, who have experienced the same difficult season, do not find themselves in the same position at all. It’s LeBron who will be sulking.

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Coming out the odds for the 2023 title when the roster hasn’t yet been shaken up by the Draft and the Free Agency doesn’t really make sense, but according to the bookmakers, the Warriors are the most likely at the moment. to win the Larry O’Brien trophy in a year. They are logically followed by the Celtics, unfortunate finalists, then by the Nets, who still fascinate as much.

For the Lakers, on the other hand, it’s a cold shower, since Darvin Ham’s men are only in 9th position according to the bookmakers. They are behind the Clippers neighbors, but also behind the Mavericks and the Nuggets, two teams that have not necessarily proven themselves at the highest level. LeBron James and Anthony Davis will undoubtedly be keen to make everyone lie at the start of the school year!

After one saison also missed, it is quite logical that the Lakers are far in the race for the title. More than anything else, these odds must be a motivation for this group which will undoubtedly be very revengeful. LeBron James likes to take up challenges, here is a beautiful one.



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