The end of the dream? Stroll doesn’t succeed and Audi doesn’t want him –

Aston Martin drew attention to himself in Spain, where he drove with sidewalls that were strikingly reminiscent of those from Red Bull. According to Aston, a coincidence. But Red Bull has a slightly different opinion. But in the end, the case will probably fade away. Just look at the situation in the championship. Red Bull already has 19 times more points! Aston may only be interested in him as an opponent of his sister team AlphaTauri.

Regardless of the origin of the sidewalls, Aston Martin is failing. On Saturday, Vettel shone in the last practice, but in qualifying his star faded. The team did not pressurize the tires. Alex Wurz commented on the ORF by saying that this is a school mistake that we may see in F3 when the engineer has a bad day, but not in Formula 1.

In Canada, Aston Martin eventually scored 1 point. Now he has the second home race in a row – his factory is located next to the Silverstone circuit. The team will prepare new episodes that will decide whether this season will be terrible or just bad.

We will have a state of the art factory and fight for the title.  Lance has champion blood, Lawrance Stroll said

A new factory is also being built in Silverstone. Lawrence Stroll has invested heavily in the team, but one must be very optimistic to see the future champion in the current “green cucumber,” as the team’s cars are beginning to be nicknamed.

The carmaker is also failing. The relationship between Aston Martin as a car and Aston Martin as a Formula 1 team is not as close as it is with Ferrari, but still … Aston is not doing well there either. Sales are not the best and the famous stock market is ticking the famous bottom. At the beginning of 2020, its shares traded for 3,000 pounds, now it is for 500. All markets are falling, but Aston Martin has been in the long run. Apart from Lawrence Stroll, Toto Wolff, who invested a considerable sum in the carmaker in 2020, is certainly not thrilled.

According to Motorsport Total, it is rumored in the paddock that the former fashion manager, who got rich with Tommy Hilfiger & Co., is already selling private property to raise capital for his investments. We don’t know if that’s true …

Audi is not interested

VW enters F1. That is almost certain. Porsche will most likely get engaged to Red Bull. It may be a loose relationship where Porsche will be a major partner in the new power unit for 2026, but there is also speculation about a shareholding marriage.

We have no plans for Audi. He is expected to be interested in buying the team. The list of options is limited: McLaren, Williams, Sauber and Aston Martin.

Well-known journalist Joe Saward said in a blog post in May that “it is said that Stroll and his investors are now actively looking for ways to sell Audi.”

It wouldn’t have to be Stroll’s departure from Silverstone. Audi could be a co-owner. But even if Stroll sold the whole team, he probably wouldn’t have. Team form on the track may play a role, but there are advanced investments in a new factory, a well-established team and a favorable climate, with everything around F1 now quite attractive.

According to Motorsport Total, however, the situation is a bit like the famous meme. Audi Stroll and his Aston Martin are not interested and only look at Sauber, who now drives F1 as an Alfa Romeo (but otherwise it is still Sauber).



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