The El Escorial Sports Center will be called Navaarmado Patricia García

The Navaarmado Patricia García Sports Center in El Escorial renews its machinery

The Local Government Board has approved the Mayor’s proposal to change the name of the Municipal Sports Center to “Navaarmado Patricia García”. This recognizes the great sporting career of Patricia García, former professional rugby player and resident of the municipality.

The agreement of the new appointment will be proposed in the plenary session in July.

Patricia Garcia’s career

Last May, Patricia García Rodríguez announced her retirement from professional rugby after 14 years in active service. At 33 years old, Patricia is the female reference in Spanish rugby; she leaves behind 342 caps, in XV and Seven; nine European titles with the Leonas XV; an Olympic presence, in Rio 2016. A professional journey with Exeter that has taken her to play in countries such as France, New Zealand, Japan or England.

New machinery at the Navaarmado Patricia García Sports Center

Precisely, the users of the weight room of the Navaarmado Sports Center in El Escorial can enjoy new machinery.

Among the novelties, eight innovative machines of the BH brand; with complete pulley and multipower systems; dumbbells, bars, benches and cardio bikes and an elliptical.

The renovation of the machinery of the Municipal Sports Center has meant an investment by the Municipality of El Escorial of 22,947 euros. This amount represents a saving of 22,000 euros compared to the credit provided for it (45,000 euros). Approved in a budget modification in June 2021.

At the same time, the expansion and remodeling of the room is in the project phase.


The prices of the weight room at the Navaarmado Sports Center in El Escorial amount to 25 euros for members and 30 euros for non-members.

This service is included in the municipal sports subscription (30 euros for members and 35 euros for non-members).

The mayor, Cristian Martín, has thanked the municipal sports area “for its work and involvement in the renovation and adaptation of this room”.



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