The Doryoku Club participates in the Ciudad de León

The Doryoku Club has participated in the Ciudad de León after some intense weeks of Judo exhibitions in the schools of Salamanca and delivery of diplomas of the degrees obtained this year. Part of the children’s and cadet team has moved to León to participate in the 52nd edition of the Ciudad de León, probably one of the longest-running championships on the national scene.

As part of the “Much more than Judo” program, the club promotes activities that provide experiences that go beyond sports. In this case, it has moved to the pools of Valencia de Don Juan, where the judokas enjoyed outdoor sports, pools with artificial waves and slides.

After the aquatic day, the team moved to León. The Kyoto Club, with more than 55 years of history, welcomed them to its facilities to spend the night sleeping on the tatami and enjoying its central location to visit the monumental area of ​​the city of León.

At the initiative of the charro judokas, the day did not end with a tourist walk but with the judogi on. They took advantage of the magnificent tatami of the Kyoto Club to celebrate a friendly open between our children and cadets. These types of championships are held without a weight category and it is one of the most anticipated events of the club in the absolute category.

On Sunday morning they moved to the “La Torre” Sports Center to participate in this historic tournament: the Ciudad de León. The approach of the competition was by direct elimination in each weight category. Judokas of all ages passed through the Leonese tatami and our children and cadets competed at the highest level and showed that this season has been productive and that Salamanca judo has a quarry for a while.

In the children’s category, the season has had one more event. The judokas of the club have participated in a Kata Championship organized in the facilities of the Carbajosa headquarters. The judokas were registered in pairs in this modality that is becoming more and more popular in our sport. The Katas are Basic and Fundamental Forms to preserve the tradition of Judo and that it does not degenerate through time, keeping it pure and original.

They developed the first three groups of the Nage No Kata, the same one that is requested to access the First DAN of Judo. A total of 22 couples participated, doing a great technical job. The three couples that finally occupied the first places were Aarón García Santos and Szentgroti, Ángel López Movilla and Jorge Martín Hernández and Paula Paricio Prieto and Cristina Llorente Pérez.

The club is preparing for one of the most important activities of the year: the summer camps. Almost 300 judokas will meet in Aldeadávila this summer, divided into three shifts. Sports, games, Gymkhanas, workshops, routes and endless activities organized by the club’s coaches and monitors.



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