The Deliberative Council paid tribute to the Community Judo School for its 30th anniversary

Community Judo celebrated its 30th anniversary on June 13, bringing the sport to children, youth and adults in the city’s neighborhoods. For this they received recognition from the Obereño Deliberative Council.

Councilwoman María Helena Kudelko highlighted the task they carry out in the different neighborhoods of the city, pointing out that beyond what sport implies in the well-being of people, it is also a social and inclusive task that Sensei Raúl has been developing for so long. Alberto Paredes at the Community Center of the 100-hectare neighborhood. “From the Municipality, the space has been provided and accompanied to make this sport a recreational, containment and meeting space for the Obereña community. As a result of this valuable commitment and work, many students have stood out in different events both nationally and internationally. We celebrate these spaces that generate a sense of belonging, making this discipline stand out and be sustained over time”, said the legislator.

For his part, Sensei Raúl Paredes was very happy, emphasizing that after 30 years, the fruits of all the work they have done over the years can be seen. “It’s been 30 years of hard work, a lot of effort, but with too much joy. Today the whole family of Community Judo came, from all the neighborhoods they came to receive this recognition that the Deliberative Council gave us”, expressed Paredes.

Community Judo has an enrollment of approximately 200 students in Oberá in the San Miguel neighborhood, 100 Hectares, Stables and the Ian Barney Complex. As a proposal they also offer Family Judo that includes parents from different neighborhoods to practice this discipline. Paredes indicated that this year they have many projects ahead of them, “this year was very beautiful because two mothers competed in the National Tournament of Córdoba. This Thursday at the second Provincial Prevention Expo we are going to reissue our Randori to Drugs, which is a project that has been in the works for 11 years, considering that Judo or sports can be a great tool for the prevention of addictions”, indicated the Sensei.

In addition, Paredes highlighted the joint work with the Municipality to develop Inclusive Judo, “the Municipality of Oberá approved the project and thanks to God, we were able to take 2 Down boys to the first National JuDown Tournament held in the country, where we had the fortune that René and Fabián Kletke, who are brothers, ranked first in their categories. Also with a great projection of René who was observed by the Argentine JuDown selectors”, said Paredes.



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