The Czechs have better players than the Italians, says Skuhravý. In Genoa they asked him about Karabka

Tomáš Skuhravý, 56-year-old “Bomber”, does not have time to meet with cannons or former teammates from the Czechoslovak national team or Sparta Prague, and he is starting his camps in Italy. However, he is watching football at home and is not afraid of a bold statement. “We have some better players than the Italians,” said the second top scorer of the 1990 World Cup and the legend of Genoa on his knees ahead of the European champions.

A meeting of the League Gunners Club, of which you are a member, took place in Kroměříž. Why didn’t you come?

There is no time. After covidová we only have a lot of activities contracted, private or under the banner of FC Genoa. I even had to curb some events in the US, where I also went. I don’t know where to jump first.

Another Spartan legend, Jan Berger, who leads the Czech team over the age of 35 and Sparta’s old guard, complained that you did not respond, even though you promised to take part in the discussions. Isn’t there even time for that?

It really isn’t. I know, I promised him that I would come whenever he heard that I considered it almost my duty, but I could not afford to leave now. Sorry. I’ll call him and explain everything.

Is that so challenging?

Yippee. Covid stopped everything, now we’re leaving again. We organize camps for 50 or 80 children, the interest is great, we reject many applicants. However, this number can be divided into several weekly runs, it will take a whole month, in fact a whole summer break. And I also have responsibilities towards the club’s fans. I had a meeting with them last week, they came to the stands of the stadium, there were so many of them.

Photo: Instagram FC Genoa

In Italy, you did a huge amount of work to promote Czech football in the 1990s. Do you watch how your followers are doing, for example Antonín Barák in Verona?

He had a great season, I read what is written about him in the newspapers. There is still interest in Czech players. Now my FC Genoa is watching the Spartan talented midfielder Adam Karabec. The team has relegated from Serie A, the new owner wants to build a new team of young players. Karabec is one of those visited.

Did they ask for your opinion?

They contacted me, I still work with the club. I claim that we still have excellent footballers. Even better than the Italians.

Who do you like? Midfielder Patrik Schick, who plays in your position?

He is one of them. Excellent football player.

However, the Italians are European champions.

But we need to see how they have achieved success. I claim that they were lucky, but it is true that from the beginning of the tournament they played aggressively and bravely. Then somehow it came together. But they are not as high as they think. What a manchaft if he doesn’t make it to the World Cup for the second time in a row! And he will not fall with a strong Portugal, but at home with Macedonia, that speaks for itself. This proves that some players are mentally unstable. Success comes and then fall. We have more resilient individuals.



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