The Cosne judo club is experiencing some financial difficulties

Cosnois judo officials held their general meeting on Sunday and took the opportunity to present awards including the front fall diploma to around sixty young judokas.

The section which has suffered a small drop in staff still has 147 members, coached by Felix Géraci who provides lessons for mini-chicks, pre-chicks, chicks, youngest, minimal, cadets and juniors. Patrick Charrette ensures, meanwhile, the Taïso.

The general assembly opened with a plea from President Gilles Bechereau, who emphasized the financial difficulties of the section, regretting the rather severe cuts in municipal subsidies, induced by the change in the statutes of the sections of the former UCS Omnisport.

Patrick Charrette, treasurer, deplored this state of affairs, indicating that the municipal subsidy is no longer in line with the funding that the section needs to properly carry out its mission with members. Expenditure for the past year amounted to €28,896, while receipts, including subsidies, totaled €20,850, i.e. a deficit of €8,046 which the section covers with its own funds, but these are dwindling year to year.

On the other hand, the sporting results are very positive. The pre-chicks and chicks took part in three events with forty fighters at each participation, and a full box at the Guérigny challenge where the club won the three trophies at stake.

The youngest age group had thirteen competitors, eleven of whom took part in the departmental championship, ten qualified for the Regional and nine for the BFC championship, which places the Cosnois club in second regional place.

In minimal categories, three judokas participated in the bi-departmental championship with two podiums, one qualified for the Regions and Charles Saint-André who participates in the France departmental team in Ceyrat (Puy-de-Dôme), and to finish with the seniors, Guillaume Clément finishes third in the BFC Kyus championship. Above all, he scores thirty points for obtaining his black belt.

In the presence of Anne-Marie Chêne, departmental councillor, and Patrick Ponsonnaille, sports assistant for the town of Cosne. Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire.



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