The Challenge des Fagnes, a new tennis competition for ladies and gentlemen 2

A great first for our regional tennis. Six clubs in the arrondissement of Verviers will organize a competition this summer with significant “prize money”. The “Challenge des Fagnes”, this is the name of this competition, will be aimed primarily at Ladies and Gentlemen 2.

The players are slowly finishing their preparation for the summer tennis season. This one points the tip of the nose and the tournaments will be linked quickly to the four parts of the province.

For Ladies 2 and Gentlemen 2, a new challenge has just been created: the Challenge des Fagnes. It brings together six clubs from the arrondissement of Verviers for as many tournaments: in order, Theux, Jalhay, Eupen, Heusy, Spa and Lambermont. “The primary goal is to promote tennis at the gates of the elite, namely the Gentlemen and Ladies 2. In particular for the Ladies 2, we see a certain lack of interest, a lack of participants. we wish is that young people from the region and even from the whole province could participate via this challenge which will bring them, I hope, the greatest pleasure at the sporting level” explains Stephan Bodson, president of the RTC Spa and member of the organization of the Challenge des Fagnes.

The initiative is requested and supported by the Association Francophone de Tennis. “In general, there are a lot fewer women registered. I think that when women are 18-20 years old, they stop playing a bit, they do their studies and then they don’t get back into tennis. Which doesn’t is not the case for men. The objective is therefore to encourage women to come back to tennis after their studies. It’s a great project. I think they could join it.” assures Fabien Doyen, president of AFT Liège.

To register, it’s simple: all you have to do is take part in the tournaments, registration being automatic. As for the course of the competition, the organization also wanted to simplify things. “Per registration, each player will receive 5 points. For each match won, the player will earn 3 points. At the end of the tournament, the points are reflected to know where the players are and the ranking will be put every day, from week to week , on the facebook page of the Challenge des Fagnes says Julie Boulanger, member of the organization of the Challenge des Fagnes.

A Challenge open to everyone. “Indeed. It’s open to all players who play in Women 2 and Men 2, regardless of the club they play for. No need to be affiliated with an organizing club. We also think that we could have players from further away, in particular thanks to the prize money. This may allow players not to always meet the same opponents” adds Julie Boulanger.

The “prize money” will amount to €1,800, divided equally between girls and boys, ie €900 per category. In the event of popular success for its first edition, the Challenge des Fagnes could well bring together more clubs and especially extend to other categories.

Renaud Collette



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