The Cartagena Badminton Club regional club champion – Gaceta Cartagonova

Last Saturday, the regional club championship was held in Las Torres de Cotillas, the most important team tournament in the Region, with the participation of the best regional clubs.
This championship has a format of matches between teams where 3 doubles matches (mixed, male and female) and 4 singles (2 female and 2 male) are played, where the winner of 4 of the 7 matches wins the match.
On this occasion, the Cartagena Badminton Club participated due to the large number of players with two teams in the absolute category (Cartagena «A» and «B» and a team in the Sub15 category.
Cartagena «A» managed to win all their matches convincingly, against CB El Palmar by 7-0 and in the final against Club Badminton Las Torres they achieved a lofty victory with a score of 7-0, thus managing to finish as champions. of the tournament.
For its part, Cartagena «B», in its first match, managed to beat the Infante Badminton Club 4-3, in a very even match where the Cartagena club subsidiary was finally able to win thanks to the great work of the young players of the club. With this victory, the club had to face the match against CB Las Torres looking for a victory that would take them to the final, but they could not beat the Torreño team, falling 5-2. Finally, in the fight for third place, the subsidiary was able to beat CB El Palmar to win the bronze trophy.
Finally, our academy team could not get a trophy, remaining in a meritorious fourth position that with the defeat against CB El Palmar and CB Las Torres could not enter the podium although they showed a great improvement in the game.



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