The Blueskins: several Bocc badminton players on the podium – Concarneau

“We are satisfied. We have filled in all the tables, ”said Philippe Le Cam, president of Bocc. “It’s a post-covid recovery. We didn’t want to host more than 150 players. Several series were represented this weekend at the Porzou sports hall, from Promotional 12 to National 2. Several Bocc licensees stood out during this tournament. Alban Le Cam ranks 2nd in single “men” in series 3 (regional level). The mixed doubles composed of Jean-Denis Couzigou and Aurélie Bordron won table 4. Ilona Bordron finished in 2nd place in the “ladies’ singles” in series 5 and, finally, Charles Dalidec took 3rd place in the singles ( table 4).

restart the machine

Nearly thirty volunteers participated in the success of the sporting event. If the Blueskin tournament will probably not generate large profits due in particular to a lighter version, the leaders nevertheless wanted to restart the machine. “Indoor sports have suffered in general,” admits Philippe Le Cam. “Some competitors have even completely changed their sporting orientation”, regrets the one who says he remains positive despite everything. As proof: the Bocc is organizing a “youth” tournament on Saturday July 2, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Porzou sports hall.



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