the blue teams out in Paris

Little satisfaction for Italy in Paris in the third stage of the World Cup. The team of the men’s Olympic arc fails to repeat itself and after the two silvers in a row in the World Cup is eliminated in the quarter-finals, the blue instead stop in the second round. In the compound, all the Italian archers in the individual scoreboards are eliminated, Marcella Tonioli making the most of all the way is stopped only in the quarter-finals. Today the national team will return to the field for the mixed Olympic and compound team preliminaries and for the individual challenges of the recurvo. This morning Nespoli and Boari await the winner of Germany-Sweden in the second round, while in the compound Tonioli and Fregnan will start from 12th where they face Ecuador (Rodrigo, Oleas Rodriguez).


The men’s national team formed by Mauro Nespoli, Michele Frangilli and Federico Musolesi first beats Indonesia 6-0 (Pangestu, Prastyadi, Salsabilla) but immediately afterwards always surrenders 6-0 against Ukraine (Hunbin, Kozhokar, Ovchynnikov). On the other hand, the race of the blue Lucilla Boari, Chiara Rebagliati and Elisabetta Mijno stops in the round of 16 who are defeated by Spain (Canales, Cebrian, Fernandez Infante) 5-1. The finals will see South Korea and the United States of America face off for gold, while the bronze was won by Turkey by beating Ukraine 5-1. Among the women it will be the final between India and Taipei, while the trio of Germany reached the third place overcoming Turkey 5-1.


In the afternoon the individual race of the Italian compounders also ends. Marcella Tonioli close to the semifinal losing to the quarterfinals with the Indian Surekha Vennam 146-144 after winning against Tsz Chai Yeung (HKG) 142-141 and 144-142 against the American Isabella Otter. Out in the second round the teammates: Elisa Bazzichetto loses 150-141 with Vennam after the success at the shoot off 144-144 (10-9) with the Turkish Ayse Bera Suzer, Anastasia Anastasio first defeats Singapore archer Contessa Loh 138-136, then surrenders to Korean Song Yun Soo 150-140 and finally Elisa Roner leaves the scene after 146-145 with Tanja Gellenthien (DEN), previously the 145-143 victory with Brazilian Cristina Snak Nisi had come.
In the men Leonardo eliminated in the first round Constantine 145-144 by the Estonian Robin Jaatma and Sergio Pagniand to the second Marco Bruno sconfitto da Mike Schloesser (NED) 150-147 ed Elia Fregnan beaten 146-144 by Korean Choi Yonghee. In the previous round the two had respectively won 150-148 with the Indian Aman Saini and at the shoot off 147-147 (9 * -9) with the Turkish Yakup Yildiz.



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