The best fought on the new tatami

On Sunday, the new stage on which it will be possible to compete was inaugurated and several of the most outstanding exponents of the region passed through the provincial capital.

Last Sunday, the judo competition tatami was finally inaugurated at the Butaló Sports Center. And there, for the Open Province of La Pampa, with the presence of 120 competitors from different parts of the country, a new stage was born.

The Olympic tatami acquired by the province and that will be used by the Federation for the development of the sport, will serve for the athletes to train in the best conditions thinking about future competitions.

The Casa del Sol dojo from La Matanza, Buenos Aires; Shia Judo from St. Louis; Fudoshin from General Roca; Judo School of Carmen de Patagones; Okinawa and Sakura dojos from Bahía Blanca and the Pampean dojos Nintai from 25 de Mayo, Eduardo Castex’s Satoshi, Yamamoto and Jigoro Kano from Santa Rosa, and the Rolón, Ataliva Roca, Toay and Doblas sports schools.

What happened

Promotional male -30 kg: 1) Augustine Bologniessi; 2) Nahuel Galarce. +40 kg: 1) Ian Kruger; (2) Francis Coria; 3) Matthew Lara. Special: 1) Matthew Lara; 2) Nahuel Galarce. Female promotional, -30 kg: 1) Paula Torres Brandani; 2) Eileen Painenao. Children A male -40 kg: 1) Santiago Villanueva; 2) Matthew Lara; 3) Baptist Noah. +52kg: 1) Lautaro Walter; 2) Ian Doors; (3) Augustine Sotelo; 4) Brandon Vineyard.

Infantil A female, -47 kg: 1) Milagros Bologniessi; 2) Ana Metz; 3) Jasmine Castillo; 4) Marisol Alvarado. +52kg: 1) Uma Valdez; 2) Martial Laia; 3) Emma Safenreider; 4) Jana Nicole. Child B male: -40 kg: 1) Aldo Torres Brandani; 2) Ivan Gonzalez. +64 kg: 1) Tomas Quinteros; 2) Francisco de la Prida. Infantil B feminine, -48 kg: 1) Gimena Alfonzo; 2) Bianca Pucci. -52 kg: 1) Valentina Baigorria; 2) Fatima Olguin. +64kg: 1) Sol Dietrich; 2) Gianna Stark. Special: 1) Miracles Bologniessi; 2) Gimena Alfonso; 3) Martial Laia; 4) Bianca Pucci. Male cadets -66 kg: 1) Lucas Walter; 2) Agustin Arillo. -73 years: 1) Santiago Bologniessi; 2) Ignacio Gomez; 3) Ivan Cordoba. + 90kg: 1) Tomas Quinteros; 2) Mateo Bravo. Special: 1) Aldo Torres Brandani; 2) Agustin Arillo. Women’s cadets, -52kg: 1) Cielo López; 2) Agustina Borzio. -57kg: 1) Sasha Biondo; 2) Valentina Villanueva. Junior male -81kg: 1) Leroy Villegas; 2) Santiago Bologniessi. Junior female -57kg: 1) Lisa Rojas; 2) Diana Soto. -73kg: 1) Maria Canda; 2) Elena Rojas; 3) Brunette Cabral. -66kg: 1) Agustin Silva; 2) Emmanuel Refour. -81kg: 1) Leroy Villegas; 2) Santos Lopardo; 3) Jonathan Cabral. -90kg: 1) Cristian Sigampa; 2) Christian Valdez. Female novice Kyu -70kg: 1) Elena Rojas; 2) Stark Breeze. Kyu male graduates -73k: 1) Sergio Cornejo; 2) Agustin Navarro; 3) Ignacio Gomez. -81kg: 1) Leroy Villegas; 2) Christian Valdez. Kyu female graduates -57 kg: 1) Sasha Biondo; 2) Maria Canda; 3) Lisa Rojas.



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