The BCE stands out at the departmental level

Rosieres. The BCE distinguishes itself at the departmental championships. BCE (Badminton Club de l’Emblavez) hosted over two days, Saturday and Sunday June 18 and 19, the youth and adult departmental championships in the Lavoûte-sur-Loire gymnasium. The clubs of Brioude, Brives-Charensac, Emblavez, Langeac, Sainte-Sigolène, Yssingeaux were present, i.e. 120 participants.

It was the third time that the BCE hosted a competition this season and once again the organization was flawless in collaboration with the departmental committee 43 badminton. At the end of the competition, the results of the BCE are excellent, since the club has won five departmental titles and four vice-champion titles.


Youth. Chicks: Chaumarat Paul (Bad à Gogo). Minimes: Maurin Yanis (Badminton Club Emblavez) and Lovy Adele (Le Badminton Yssingelais). Junior B cadets: Dagier Louis (Entente Haut-Allier/Allagnon). Junior cadets A: Faure Enzo (Badminton Club Emblavez). Junior cadets: Chapon Noélia (Badminton Club Emblavez).

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For adults series 1. Single man: Regimbal Florian (C bad Brives-Charensac). Double men: Deveux Gilles (Entente Haut Allier / Allagnon) Eyraud Kevin (C bad Brives-Charensac). Women’s doubles: Da Silva Sandie (Entente Haut Allier/Allagnon) Philippot Julia (Entente Haut Allier/Allagnon). Mixed: Thomas Mathieu (C bad Brives-Charensac) Garcia Géraldine (Agreement Haut-Allier / Allagnon)

Adults series 2. Simple man: Ducray Édouard (Bad à Gogo). Men’s doubles: Bernard Samuel (C bad Brives-Charensac) Ducreux Jérémy (Le Badminton Yssingelais). Women’s doubles: Bonne Aurélie (Badminton Club Emblavez) Moroldo Lucile (Badminton Club Emblavez). Mixed: Pastor Fabien (C bad Brives-Charensac) Gayard Cécilia (C bad Brives-Charensac).

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Adults series 3. Simple man: Cornillon Frédéric (Bad à Gogo). Men’s doubles: Damien Bonnefoux (Badminton Club Emblavez) Forestier Sébastien (Badminton Club Emblavez). Mixed: Renaudier Aurélien (Le Badminton Yssingelais) Bouilhol Karen (Le Badminton Yssingelais).



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