the Australians of Pelligra Group alongside Pallacanestro Varese

The new Australian partner of Varese Basketball it seems to have a name. If the rumors are confirmed, next to Luis Scola – which a few weeks ago took over 50% of the red and white club – Pelligra Group Pty Ltd of Melbourne will take the fielda large company with interests in the international construction and real estate market.

We talk about the Pelligra Group with insistence also in Italy these days, because the big “aussie” company is about to operate too on football by acquiring Catania (Ross Pelligra, the president, has origins in those parts) but according to an indiscretion published in the edition online at Tuttosport the other company in the crosshairs is the Varese Basketball.

After all, the Australian track has been hot for some time and VareseNews had talked about it openly after the second visit to Masnago by John Caniglia, representative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne on the occasion of the last championship match against Sassari. Recently then, Luis Scola flew to the other side of the world to define agreements with possible investors who, in fact, are starting to have a name today.

In recent days they have followed one another the voices, all however marked by optimism for the “secret” operation conducted by the Argentine executive. And the fact that Pelligra has strong interests also on the construction and real estate frontsuggests that in addition to a direct financial contribution it can also intervene on the level of renovation of the sports hall. In fact, it should not be forgotten that to start the works and carry out the first interventions there are the 2 million allocated by the region, but to complete the work as it was conceived, funds (and at this point know-how) that Pelligra could bring as a dowry are needed.

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The impact of the Australians will still be strong, so much to even think to an entry into the capital of the company next to Scola, which would greatly reduce the Consortium’s commitment (which should remain, as its president Castelli has often reiterated). And it is not excluded that in addition to the money introduced by Pelligra they may arrive also additional sponsors (we will see if knitted or not): among the items there is the one that leads to a international brand of sports shoes. But it is possible that Scola will explain the news in detail in a meeting in the next few days.



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