The archery chicks, winners of the departmental challenge

Manduel organized, Saturday, June 18, the last round of the departmental challenges for chicks and young people. After their recent victory in the Coupe Martinet by team, the chicks of the club win their departmental challenge. Three participations in the three stages of this challenge and three victories in Saint-Laurent-d’Aigouze and Aramon and finally in Manduel.

Individual podiums of the day: chicks 9, Luigi, gold medal. Chicks 8, Victor in gold and Olivia in silver (both with the same number of points and tied at the numbers of 10).

The chicks have demonstrated their value throughout the season, indoors and outdoors. Congratulations to everyone who was able to participate.

For Saturday’s stage: Alycia, Charlotte, Chloé, Olivia, Manon, Luigi, Léo and Victor, to whom Talinia could be added, injured and who had participated brilliantly in the first two rounds.

Among the young people: Élise, Clara, Timéo and Quentin, second place and silver medal in the general classification of the Challenge, with bronze at the Manduel stage.

Individual podium: Clara (As discovered) gold medal.

Very good end to the season for everyone while waiting for the French championship in Rion where three of the Archers of Saint-Geniès are qualified: Clara Fortin-Boismard in minimal international TAE; Kentin Mouzat in senior national TAE 2 and Grégory Barthelot in senior international TAE 2.

The club is proud of all these results which allow it to promote archery in the region.

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