The Aramini prize is awarded The ceremony will be on 11 July – Chronicle


An award to the most deserving Empoli sportsmen, with a ceremony finally in attendance after two years of forced stop due to Covid. On Monday 11 July, in the setting of the Augustinian cloister, there will be the delivery of the ‘A city for sport’ award, dedicated to Albano Aramini. The winners were the protagonists, who distinguished themselves for the results achieved in 2021: in the first section, for the best promotional result, the Polisportiva Santa Maria and Judo Kodokan Empoli win, while in the second section, for the best competitive result, the award goes to ‘Empoli Bridge.

In the third section, for the best individual competitive result, Vittoria Giraldi (Padel Villanuova) wins, while in the fourth section, for the dissemination of the image of the city through sport, it’s up to Pietro Accardi, manager of Empoli Fc. In the fifth and sixth sections, for the promotion of sport at a social level, the award goes to the Empolese Equestrian Center, and finally in the sixth section, the journalist award ‘Antonio Bassi’, the journalist Alessandro Lippi wins, for having told the local sport in a meaningful way .

Furthermore, also for this edition, a special mention has been made: to Peragnoli Auto and Maxismall. A career award will be reserved for Fabrizio Corsi who celebrated his thirty years as presidency at the helm of Empoli Fc in 2021. During the evening there will also be the official ceremony of conferring the bronze star of Coni to Renzo Maltinti.

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