The Andalusian Badminton Federation is concentrated in Montilla to prepare for the Spanish Championship ~ Montilla Digital

The Andalusian Badminton Federation (FAB) has once again placed its trust in Montilla and its sports facilities to prepare the U-15 and U-21 National Badminton Championships that will be held this coming weekend in the Cantabrian city of Santander.

The mayor of Montilla, Rafael Llamas, who has welcomed the Andalusian team together with the Sports delegate of the Montilla City Council, Miguel Sánchez, has highlighted that “hosting a concentration of an Andalusian National Team is a reflection of the commitment of the Municipal Sports Service and the Montilla Badminton Club for this sport”.

In that sense, the first mayor stressed that these sports events are “a boost not only for badminton in the town but also for our hotels and restaurants, which benefit from the impact of these sports events in Montilla.”

The Andalusian coach, Gustavo López, has pointed out that Andalusia continues to be a reference in national badminton and that the objective of the next championship that will be played at the La Ballena facilities, together with the El Sardinero Sport Fields, will be “to try to repeat podium” as on other occasions, with these two categories in which four boys and four girls participate in each of them, while continuing to “make history in this sport in Andalusia”.

López also wanted to thank the support provided by the Municipal Sports Service and underlined the “great badminton atmosphere that exists in Montilla”, thanks to the local club, which “has a lot of weight in Andalusia, to the point that most those selected have already been competing in Montilla on several occasions”.

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