The 361° digital transformation results are beginning to show

Source Title: 361° Digital Transformation Achievements Preliminary 618 E-commerce Sales Increased by 95% Year-on-Year

With the announcement of battle reports by major e-commerce platforms, the annual 618 shopping festival has officially come to an end. Stimulated by the internal economic cycle, online sales have made great progress, and many well-known companies have made breakthroughs.

During the 618 period, the cumulative sales of the leading sports brand 361° e-commerce platform through all channels increased by 95% year-on-year. Online sales show a multi-channel parallel trend. Among them, 361° has a year-on-year growth of over 60% in all bands on Tmall and, and over 140% in all bands of Vipshop. The performance on the Douyin platform was the most significant, with the full band increasing by more than 3 times year-on-year. In terms of the number of members and their ability to contribute, the 618 Congress has led to an increase of about 50% in the GMA (gross merchandise transaction) of members, and the contribution of members accounts for up to 50%, showing the company’s effectiveness in content IP and fan management.

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Professional and trendy efforts are made at both ends, and the composition of user consumption power is continuously optimized

The dazzling sales data comes from the high recognition of 361° by young consumer groups. It is reported that 361° through the “professional + trend” dual-drive model, relying on the brand’s product strength in categories such as running, basketball, comprehensive training and sports trends, continues to communicate with young consumers, and launches a variety of top-notch products to meet their diverse needs. , and achieved steady growth in performance.

The annual report data shows that in 2021, the revenue of 361° footwear will increase by 21.7% year-on-year, which is closely related to its increased investment in research and development and the strengthening of its professional sports image. In 2021, 361° launched the Feishan carbon board running shoes in the field of running, which is very eye-catching in the market terminal; in the field of basketball, the AG series carefully created by 361° has also won the recognition of consumers because of its excellent performance, sales fiery.

In terms of professional sports, 361° is iteratively upgraded on the original products. On the occasion of this year’s 618 event, the 361° running shoes field launched Fei Biao new color matching, and the basketball shoes field launched BIG3 3.0 PRO, Zen 4 and other new models to meet the needs of consumers. The sales of 361° basketball shoes increased by 110% year-on-year, of which the sales of Big3 and Big3 Pro have exceeded 5 million; the sales of Zen 3 and Burning have exceeded 3.8 million. The sales of running shoes increased by more than 50% year-on-year. The sales of Fei Biao, Fei Ran and Fei Ran ST have exceeded 6.1 million; the sales of Explosive 2.0 have reached more than 3.6 million.

In terms of sports trends, starting from the needs of young consumers, 361° has launched a series of trend concept products that can meet the needs of contemporary people, and signed a young actor Gong Jun as a global brand spokesperson, which has attracted public attention. During the 618, 361° also launched the Track 2.0 series of products. With the help of the high popularity of the spokesperson, it attracted young customers to promote conversion, and achieved sales of 5.6 million, of which clothing increased by 91% year-on-year. In addition, the sales of life series increased by more than 180% year-on-year, and the sales of tide slippers and hole shoes exceeded 8.7 million.

Promoting digital transformation of e-commerce, omni-channel coverage boosts sales performance

In the past two years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the public’s pursuit of sports health has become more intense, and the sales of sports brands have soared. Faced with this trend, 361° accelerated the digital transformation and upgrading of the brand, achieved perfect online omni-channel coverage, and was committed to building the e-commerce platform into a new growth engine that combines sales promotion and brand image enhancement.

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Since last year, 361° has continued to strengthen the efficiency of the e-commerce platform, and launched a variety of new products and co-branded products online, which has attracted the attention of consumer groups. At the same time, 361° conformed to the market trend of live streaming, and conducted regular live streaming on Tmall, Douyin, Bilibili and other platforms successively, realizing the continuous drainage of the brand and driving the growth of online sales. The annual report data shows that in 2021, the turnover of 361° e-commerce business will reach 1.227 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 55.1%.

The layout of 361° in the field of e-commerce has also been recognized by the industry, and has won the 2019 Tmall Apparel Content Festival High-quality Partner Merchant Award, 2019 Alibaba ONE Business Conference New Retail Apparel Industry Annual Influential Brand, 2021 GMTIC Annual E-commerce Marketing Awards and many other industry awards.

In this year’s 618 event, 361° used the marketing theme of #love to take advantage of the present# to communicate with brand consumers, and produced in-depth dissemination content through omni-channels, and cooperated with well-known KOLs in the industry to store water and plant grass for a variety of top-notch new products of the group. , pave the way for different scene content, stimulate users’ purchase inspiration, and effectively promote sales conversion.

Activation of private domain traffic, efficient online and offline linkage

In order to achieve effective communication with mainstream consumer groups, 361° has achieved effective coverage in many cities across the country through its own IP events such as the “Touch the Ground” basketball game and the “No. The influence of the location and the professional image of the brand attract public attention and drive sales conversion.

At the same time, 361° has also continued to make efforts to operate private communities. According to the different attributes of consumer groups, it has established “vertical communities” and “welfare communities” to meet their different needs and draw closer to consumers. While enhancing brand recognition, it effectively promotes product sales and realizes the realization of precipitation traffic.

In addition, 361° is also committed to promoting the mutual promotion of offline stores, online e-commerce and new retail channels. Realize the effective linkage between online and offline, and promote e-commerce sales through content creation and improvement of operational efficiency.

In recent years, based on its own advantages, 361° has actively developed e-commerce business and continuously improved product planning and marketing efficiency. The outstanding performance of 618 this time is another example of 361°’s strong layout in the e-commerce field. In the future, 361° will also adhere to the group’s development strategy, continue to promote the construction of e-commerce channels with a more solid and stable layout, and accelerate the release of the core competitiveness of the brand, in order to occupy an advantageous position in the next market competition.

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