The 2022 # PiùSportPiùVita Sport and Health Tour starts from Turin

Turin will inaugurate the traveling event # PiùSportPiùVita Tour 2022 organized by Sport & Salutein fact the 25 e 26 June in the Valentino Park (Monumento Amedeo di Savoia) the first of the 40 stages in Italy will take place, during which people and the world of sport will be involved.
A sports and entertainment village will be set up in the Turin location, on Saturday 25 June from 12 to 13 there will also be the Piedmont Regional Committee of the Italian Baseball Softball Federation, thanks to the collaboration with ASD Grizzlies Torino 48 series companies A baseball team whose formation is fighting in the Scudetto playoffs, with its own exhibition space and more.

It will be an opportunity for fans and the curious to get closer to the wonderful disciplines of baseball and softball.
Dfter Turin # PiùSportPiùVita Tour 2022 will move to Cuneowhere is the June 30 in Piazza Galimberti will replicate the event.

The press conference in Turin will be attended by FIBS Federal Councilor Marco Mannucci.



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