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2022 3V3 badminton match is coming

2022-06-23 13:11:53

Source: Xinhua News Agency

The 2022 Total Energy Li Ning Li Yongbo Cup 3V3 Badminton Tournament was launched in Beijing on the 22nd in the form of “Meet in the Cloud”.

Qian Wei, co-CEO of Li Ning Group, especially thanked Li Yongbo, the founder of the event, for bringing this event to everyone. He said: “When we pursue innovative technology and professional sports products, we also insist on creating and excavating the unique charm of badminton and sports. and exclusive culture.”

As an IP event independently incubated by Li Ning Badminton, the event has been in existence for 13 years. It has not only operated the event into a platform-level event, but has also become a prestigious benchmark event in the badminton industry.

The press conference on that day not only announced the newly upgraded competition system and equipment this year, but also invited Zhang Ning, Fu Haifeng, Chen Long and other badminton Olympic champions and world champions to play an exhibition match with the younger generation of players of the Beijing team.

This year’s competition schedule covers 20 cities, and at the same time adds the “Burning Badminton City” online cheering call event, which aims to deepen the integration of sports events and urban culture, enhance the sense of honor of badminton fans, and promote the interactive participation of the whole people. positivity.

Li Zhujun, Marketing Director of Li Ning Badminton Division, said: “This year, we will create an exclusive event like ‘Sa Goddess’ to provide a stage for all female players to show their individuality and charm.”

Being the title partner of the event for six consecutive years, Dilong, Managing Director of Total Lubricants China, said: “The event is not only to enrich everyone’s cultural and entertainment life, but also to stimulate everyone’s vitality and fighting spirit through the charm of badminton.”

The first stop of this year’s 3V3 badminton competition will start in the ancient capital of Xi’an, and it is expected to end in November.Editors: Wang Haoyu, Niu Mengtong, Zhou Xin

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