The 10 Greatest Steals in NBA Draft History

This Thursday the new promises of the best basketball league in the world will be chosen, and here we review 10 names that deserved to be higher in the table.

This Thursday, June 23, the 2022 NBA Draft in the Barclays Center de Brooklyn, where the best player projects of the NCAA and from abroad will be eligible for the franchises of the best basketball league in the world. Throughout history, there have been several basketball players who have been at the bottom of the list and ended up being exceptional players.. Here, we review the top ten steals in the league.

10: Dirk Nowitzki

The German center ended up occupying the 9th position of the Draft 1998, was selected by Milwaukee and transferred to Dallas Mavericks. His career showed that they had been wrong about him: he was champion of the NBA in 2011, he won the MVP in the 2007 season and was 14 times part of the All-Star.

Dirk Nowitzki

9: Draymond Green

Green was drafted in 2012 by Golden State Warriors after having played 4 years at the university for Michigan State. He was in the 35th position of the Draftand with four championships NBA and two finals in ten years can say that he deserved to be higher.

Draymond Green

8: Nikola Jokic

The Serbian center reached the NBA in 2014 after being drafted by Denver Nuggets. The funny thing is that Jokic was in the 41st position of the Draftand so far won twice the MVP of the season and played in the Western Conference finals in 2021.

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Nikola Jokic

7: Clyde Drexler

The escort from Louisiana came in fourteenth position Draft of the year 1983, but his performance in the best league in the world showed that he could have been higher: he was champion of the NBA in 1995 with Houston Rocketslost two other finals against the Michael Jordan Bulls and was 10 times in the All-Star.

Clyde Drexler

6: Steve Nash

The Canadian appeared in the Draft 1996 ranking 15th on the list, when he was selected by the Phoenix Suns. His career was above his expectations, with two MVP of the season and 8 participations in All-Star.

Steve Nash

5: Karl Malone

The power forward was selected by Utah Jazz in the Draft of 1985, where he occupied the 15th position. With the Jazz managed to play twice in the finals of the NBAbut he had to lose in both participations against one of the best teams in history: the Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls.

Karl Malone

4: Tony Parker

The French base was chosen by San Antonio Spurs in 2001, ranking 28th in the Draft. As a player he won four rings of NBA and in 2007 he became the first European player to win the MVP of the Finales.

Tony Parker

3: Emanuel Ginobili

The best basketball player in the history of Argentina ranked 57th in the Draft of the year 1999, and was selected by San Antonio Spurs in 59th place. The end is a known story: four championships of NBAFrom All-Star and an award for Best Sixth Man of the league.

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Emanuel Ginobili

2: Dennis Rodman

One of the stars of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls was ranked 27th in the 1986 Draft, when he was selected by the Detroit Pistons. The power forward won three consecutive NBA rings and was part of one of the best teams in history.

  Dennis Rodman

1: Kobe Bryant

Black Mamba He is considered one of the best players in the history of the game. NBA. Some put him in the top 1, others in the top 3 and others in the top 10, but nobody can argue that he marked a before and after in the American basketball league.

In any case, Bryant was in the Draft of 1996 in the 13th position, and was selected by Charlotte Hornets. I would then go to Los Angeles Lakers, where he won five finals NBAand MVP regular season and witnessed 18 All-Star.

Kobe Bryant

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