That’s why he wants to leave Bayern Munich

Dhe Bayern star Robert Lewandowski, who was willing to emigrate, has added poker to his move. At the Polish provider “OnetSport”, the world footballer confirmed his desire to change in a podcast and said: “I want more emotions in my life.” Poland’s national team captain and his advisor Pini Zahavi recently said that Bayern Munich was over for Lewandowski. The attacker is said to be aiming for a move to FC Barcelona, ​​even if he does not speak openly about his dream club.

In the podcast, Lewandowski claims that he, who is said to earn around 20 million euros a year in Munich, is not concerned with the change. But he has won everything there is to win with FC Bayern: eight German championship titles in eight years, three cup wins, the club world championship and the Champions League, Gerd Müller’s national goal record. Now it is time to experience something new in football.

Bayern Honorary President Uli Hoeneß said on Monday that he assumed Lewandowski would stay. “I think the new team is being worked on very intensively, and if everything comes up that you presented to me this week, then I see a good chance that we will have an attractive team next year – with Robert Lewandowski,” said the 70-year-old TV station Sport1.

The former club president advocated urging the star striker to fulfill his contract, which runs until June 30, 2023, if there is no replacement for the Bundesliga record scorer. “And then you have to see whether he’ll go on a free transfer next year or maybe even be extended again, nobody knows that,” said Hoeneß. “I would recommend everyone involved to remain objective, not to let the matter escalate, and then the sun will soon shine again over the house of Lewandowski-Bayern Munich.”

President Herbert Hainer reiterated FC Bayern’s clear stance even before Hoeneß. Despite the public pressure from the Poles, the Munich boss does not expect the world footballer to leave this summer. “We are in the fortunate position that we do not have any economic hardships. We want to have the best players and Robert is one of the best,” said the 67-year-old from “Bild am Sonntag”. “That’s why I’m firmly assuming that he’ll play with us again next season.”

Hoeneß’s successor explained that he could only support CEO Oliver Kahn in his “Basta” power word on Lewandowski’s whereabouts. Hainer pointed out that the 33-year-old Pole has a contract with Bayern until mid-2023. “And a contract is a contract! Where are we going if a player can end a contract early while we as a club would have to pay him in full up to the last day of the term? That’s an inequality, it can’t be like that.”

He was “surprised that Robert chose to go public,” said Hainer, “I wouldn’t have done it in his place.” However, he does not fear that so much will remain after these incidents that it will not be possible to Lewandowski to start the new season. “Robert is a full professional, he wants to play football,” said the Bayern president.

Thomas Müller spoke out in favor of Lewandowski staying. “I would like my long-standing offensive partner to stay,” said the 32-year-old in the “Kicker” interview. “It’s a break and we’ve already experienced a lot during these times, I just remember Franck Ribéry’s desire to move to Real Madrid.” The Frenchman, who shaped an era in Munich from 2007 to 2019, was particularly good at the beginning of his Bayern time been courted.

Last week, Lewandowski had increased the pressure for a transfer from the Polish national team a year before his contract with the German record champions expired. “For today, one thing is certain: my history with Bayern is over. After everything that has happened in the last few months, I cannot imagine further good cooperation,” said the 33-year-old.

In his view, an immediate transfer is “the best solution for both sides”. Müller said that it was clear: “Every player who is still under contract in Munich on September 1st will also want to play well. Because playing badly is not fun for any player.”



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