Tevez saw in situ all the weaknesses of Central

What would Carlos Tevez have felt, installed in one of the boxes of the José Amalfitani de Liniers, when Gaspar Servio sent the night’s blunder by giving the goal to Vélez that, almost, almost, was the only one necessary for victory, until Damián Fernández scored the second near the end? The TV cameras immediately focused on him, next to his main aide-de-camp, Chapa Retegui, and perhaps because he knew he was the focus of attention, there was not a single gesture. Maybe it wasn’t necessary, maybe he is well aware that the scoundrel archer’s mistake is part of the combo that he will have to take care of. From a team that comes crooked, that exhibits many weaknesses, naive like the one from Luca Orellano’s goal but also in various other circumstances. And that he has little firepower, as he also showed in the moments when he seemed to be able to balance in the result. The 2-0 defeat finally appeared with the logical forcefulness of a course that led to this present, with a coach (Somoza) who lasted a breath and with this new bet (the third in a row) that comes with the promise of reinforcements , which ultimately was what made the balance tilt towards Tevez and not in favor of Vitamina Sánchez.

Tevez arrived a few minutes before the game, entered through the parking area and went in two elevators, along with Retegui and his brothers, who will also be his assistants, to one of the boxes that the Velez leadership assigned him. At the end of the match he did not go through the locker room area, but turned his steps in the opposite direction, leaving without making a statement. The ones that are surely expected for the presentation on Tuesday, where everyone in the Central world serves to change history, in this crucial year for the auriazul political life.

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Tevez did not speak, but observed in situ all the weaknesses of the team led for the last time by Germán Rivarola. Perhaps he was excited about those first few minutes where he tried to dispute possession of the ball with Vélez, where he pressed well up and at least marked his presence. But what was said, lasted a sigh, until Servio lowered him to the ground, as if warning him of Miguel’s famous phrase: “This is Central”. The Central of now, of today, the one that is confusion, inside and outside the court, perfectly graphed in that unfortunate opening play at just 6 minutes.

From there the small securities were hoarse. From that moment the ball became an intrigue for a defense that once again made water everywhere. Without contention forward, without resolution behind, from the wings and, above all, by the central defenders, groomed by a goalkeeper who, despite some good subsequent interventions, could no longer infect his teammates.

As if that were not enough, it was clear in Liniers once again that the absence of Marco Ruben and a generator like Vecchio, bad and all, are difficult to replace. That Central could not recover firepower, that it was light in the moments in which it tried, and managed, to balance in the complement and get within shot of the tie before the offer that Vélez made to only finish 1-0 in the first half.

But the confusion is such that even in the penalty kick that was later annulled, the apathy that surrounds this team was seen, with Servio mistreating Benítez, the one who first took the ball, and with the intervention of even Pupi. They say that a button is enough as a sample.

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This is the Central that awaits Tevez, Retegui and company. A team of weaknesses with a complex environment. What a task awaits you in your first experience.

Lunch, practice and presentation

After having witnessed last night’s game at the Vélez stadium, Carlos Alberto Tevez will officially start as head of the rogue coaching staff from today. The Apache will already be at the Arroyo Seco property at noon. There he will have the first contact with the campus that he will direct and it will be in the middle of a lunch. After that, it will be time for the first training session and a couple of hours later it will be the official presentation as a rogue coach. It will be around 7:30 p.m. at the Gigante de Arroyito. There is great expectation, not only in Rosario, but at the national level, which is why a massive media presence is expected. If the match against Gimnasia is kept for Friday at 7:00 p.m., it is likely that the group will concentrate this Wednesday.



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