Tennis star Switolina worries about grandmother in Odessa

Big worries about grandmother

Tennis ace talks about the horrors of war

Ukrainian tennis player Yelina Switolina is pregnant, but Gael Monfils’ wife’s joy is marred by the war in her homeland.

Published: 06/21/2022 at 08:57


Updated: 06/21/2022 at 09:00

The Ukrainian tennis player Jelina Switolina is very worried about her grandmother Tamara in view of the war in her homeland. “It’s hard for older people to go through another war. I hope that one day all of this will end and I can come back to see her,” said the former world number three of the AFP news agency.

Her grandmother, who lives in Odessa, had already experienced the Nazi invasion in 1941. “The little food, staying at home or in the basement for several days… it’s extremely stressful for people and mentally very, very difficult,” said Switolina: “I try to stay in touch with her and help as much as possible , how can I. She was too old to move.”



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